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Different Game Modes

Qwertyscape offers a completely unique system that includes various of game modes that start with just 5x exp to even 200x exp. These game modes include but are not limited to 

Simplistic Launcher

Qwertyscape will feature a simple launcher. This will include the ability to force update your client, cache, or saved login info. This will also ensure you are always playing with the latest client released. 

Proper Economy & Skilling

An economy that has its community first in mind! This is to encourage profitable skilling and player to player trading/community interaction. Everything you do in Qwertyscape will be with the idea to keep you and other players connected, trading and with a healthy economy as its priority, you'll never get bored! Skilling is done to ensure fast skilling, a wide range of players at every level, longevity of playing while not overly boring or forcing much grinding. You will be in a competitive yet swiftly moving skill level environment

Staff & Developers that CARE

Staff and Developers care about you! Here at Qwertyscape, professionalism is a must for our team! You will have staff and developers who will aim to please each of you as individually as possible! Staff who are open and easily reachable with many ways to contact the next level of staff and ensure you and your voice gets heard!  I alone will be aiming to meet every player one on one, and create a true feeling of care that you will know. The owner will participate in all events and ensure you know you have a voice. Our team is trained to be easily talked to, handle situations swiftly and properly, listen to all needs as well as tend to all issues. With dedicated staff members just to hear about bugs and issues and ensure developers are aware and assigned issues as they pop up. You will never see your bug move to the back of our boards!


Friendly and outgoing staff and community
Community based server striving to ensure absolute eye-opening experience
Custom and made from scratch Discord server
Custom launcher and automatic updater client
Secure and Encrypted Login and password system
Custom Game Mode system which includes but not limited to Normal, Rogue, Ironman, Rogue Ironman and many more!
Custom AFK area designed for when you're away from your computer (Comes with AFK point system to use points on AFK shop)
Double XP Weekends, Daily automatic rewards and voting rewards
Unique referral system that gives automatic rewards
Custom home containing all shops, skills and tips to help your progress
Sell Everything store
Different chest used for Porazdir, Hunnlef, Seren and Hespori keys obtained by random spawn
Unique teleport system containing teleportation to monsters, bosses, wilderness, skilling, minigames, cities and donator zones.
Custom Skill zone
Custom Donator Zone
OSRS Bosses such as Zulrah, Nightmare, Serene and many more!
Stackable items 
God Wars Dungeon, Pest Control, Castle Wars, Mage Training Arena
Fight Pits, Fight caves, Duel arena, Barrows
Raids 1-2-3
and so much more...









Devout Gloves

Fire of Exchange

Zulrah and other OSRS bosses

Custom Mode system for exp rates and Ironman

Unique Teleport System

Max Island for Max Cape and 200m Capes

Loot Table which shows all mboxes and special keys provided in the server

Unique and Custom Diary and Achievement System

Custom Collection Log

Custom Leaderboards which have rewards!

All types of slayer masters

Unique AFK tree which provides access to AFK shop

Combine easy, medium and hard clues to get Master Clue


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