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Brand New Osrs Semi Custom -Exyle.net-


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Exyle is a new, upcoming, innovative, and unique OSRS Semi-Custom Server which offers an unmatched Experience with loads of content such as PvM, PvP, Skilling and a unique Semi-Custom feel. Exyle will take the RSPS scene by storm with our perfected gameplay.
The Exyle team is committed to providing our players an un-matched exceptional experience. We are driven by the feedback we receive and strive to ensure our players have an overall life-changing adventure.
We pride ourselves on perfection whilst ensuring our players have a voice and listening to all the feedback and suggestions.

> Hardcore Group Ironman 
> A Unique Rsps Experience
> Runelite | Presets | 2010 + 2007 Graphics | Full Achievement Diaries | Low Rates | Great Rewards


- Custom World Events 
- Latest OsRs Content 
- Daily Login Rewards 
- Automated Server Events 
- Latest Osrs Content
- Nex
- Runelite
- World Map
- Spellbook Filtering
- Custom Hespori
- Weapon Upgrades
- Custom home
- 2010 + 2007 Graphics
- Achievement Diaries
- The Gauntlet
- Nightmare Instances
- Prifddinas
- Enchanced Crystal Keys
- Crystal Armour & Weapons
- Forthos Dungeon
- Master Clues
- Vorkath
- Alchemical Hydra
- Inferno
- Raids 1
- Raids 2
- Revenant Caves
- Wilderness Activity
- Tournaments 
- Trading Post
- Frequent Updates
- Construction & All skills fully functional
- … & much more!

> https://exyle.net/

> https://discord.gg/FJKUJNkSsf


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