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We are an Old-school based server, Aiming to provide the best experience for any type of player. We have 117-HD Integrated into the OpenOSRS Client! PVP Activities and more!
Earn Blood money through your journey in the wilderness, Ranging from PKing to PVMING, Everything in the wilderness pretty much gives you blood money.
We have a Time based Membership system. 1 Membership token(You don't HAVE to donate to get these, You can earn by voting) provides you with 3 days of membership!
Upon obtaining membership, you get access to the ;;b and ;;dz command. ;;b opens your bank and ;;Dz sends you to donator zone. You also get a blood money boost in the wilderness.
As well as an XP boost at Donator zone. Join today!
Play Now!: Server
Discord: Discord server
Remember to type ::referral and then in the box type runeserver for starter blood money!
















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