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I am currently looking for an advanced RSPS developer. You will be coding from almost scratch unless you have a good source.

I would like a source that's like DeviousPK, RuneWild or ArteroPk.

About me: I'm a 26 year old content creator. I make call of duty content for a living and I've played RS my whole life. I've always been into RSPS and I've ran a few successful servers back in the day. I use to market for a living. I have the money and resources to make a HUGE playerbase happen. All I need is the coding aspect taken care of.

With this being said I'm taking this very seriously. This will be a massive server with a good size player base. I'd like a coder who wants to be apart of it longterm and take a percentage. Of course there will be payments for the development of the server, which we could discuss. I need a fully coded server with eveything patched. No half assing, and there's no official timeframe for completion. With the re-release of iKOV I'd plan on launching it in half a year or so. Let me know if you want to discuss payment or have any questions. I am only looking for a serious coder who knows what he's doing.

Contact me:
(discord) opsmiles1x#8754
tiktok, ig, twitter @opsmiles1x

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