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HISTORIA RSPS 718 | Semi-Custom


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Historia is a 718/RS3/OSRS server that is striving to hit the nostalgia mark while also providing newer content from both RS3 and OSRS. This allows all players to find something that they enjoy, and gives countless new possibilities for upcoming content

Historia Is Back With Something New, You Guys Should Give Us A Look Now! Fresh Eco, full working skills, friendly community and staff, active owners, lots of extra events such as dxp on the weekends, Multiple Game Modes with Perks, extended end game with custom bosses/sets.

- Custom Ironman Zone
- Custom Afk Zone
- Custom Bosses Zone
- Custom Prestige Zone/ Maxed Prestige Zone
- Collection Logs
- Bunch Of Customs including Custom BIS Set.
- Ironman | HCIM | UIM | Duo Ironman
- OSRS Data
- Afk Zone "Fishing/Wc/Mining"
- Daily Challenges
- Daily Money Makers
- Donator Perks
- Point Pouch
- Achievements
- Custom Raids
- Heist Minigame
- Trivia Questions/Anagrams
- Treasure Hunt (HINTS & REWARDS)
- Loot Crates
- Clans
- Clan Banks
- Instances
- Upgrade and Recycle bench
- Perks
- Pets
- Rune Span
- The Calamity
- Solak
- Blink
- Telos
- Kerapac
- Royality
- Mr Lantern
- Assassin
- Party Demon
- Daily Events

Discord Community:

Join us today!! https://discord.gg/8ftaRWanTQ


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