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EnvisionPS Greatest Custom Server Out there after hitting 100+ Players daily . 
So what are you waiting on??? 

[Join today]
[Discord Link] - https://discord.gg/pWuZVpG

[Forum Webpage] - https://envisionps.net/forums/

- Custom Home
- Custom Zones
- Active Community 
- All 24 Skills
- Fully Functional Player Owned Shops
- Fully Custom Raids (Thank to John)
- Over 40 Custom Bosses
- 6 Custom Global Bosses (More Coming Soon)
- Functional Collection Log
- Progression Pass (Battle Pass)
- Fully Custom Boss Map Areas
- Option To Create Personal Custom Sets
- Option To Create Personal NPC Zones
- Fully Functional Gambling
- Custom Poker System & UI
- Blood Shard with the Blood Shard Pool ( to toss your useless gears for blood shards).
- Blood Shard Shop
- AFK Zone with Shops for AFK tickets
- Full Slayer Function
- Custom Hotkeys
- Custom Pets
- Incentivised Voting
- Martian + Yoshi (NEW Ultra Boss)
- Dedicated Staff/Developer Team
More to come in the future updates....

[Poker System - Poker System and game is connect]


[Raid Teaser Release 11/25/2020]


[Players Online]


Once you reach 200 total Skills in game make sure to type ::refer cade for a free donator rank in-game.

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The first photo the custom gambling looks cool I don’t know if I’d every try that style of gambling but I could just imagine the amount of hours it too to code.


either way good job bud 😉

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