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About My Services

Used to sell a half-ass version of this, however this implementation is proper.


Note that this does not come with all runelite hooks implemented, meaning some plugins may not work. If you require more api's implemented or a specific plugin once this is done it will cost extra.


This service can usually be completed in around 4 days, however I will be listing it as a 7day service to relieve some pressure and give me time to do it properly.


Accepting Skrill/Cashapp, will do transferwise if it's all paid at once(will be offering payment in parts as i progress further into the service.)


I have this completed already on most frameworks, however I have progressed furthest on PI and Ruse, imagine below


Discord: ADAM#0117

You will need to send me your client files or invite me to a GitHub repo to get this service.




    public void onMenuEntryAdded(MenuEntryAdded event)
        if(event.getEntry().getOption().toLowerCase().contains("take")) {
            String s = event.getEntry().getOption();
            String item = event.getEntry().getTarget();
            event.getEntry().onLoaded(() -> event.getEntry().setOption("@lre@Take" + " @red@" + item));






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