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  • Setup Server Listing

    In order to setup a vote, you must first navigate over to our Toplist. Once there you can start by logging into your account and clicking on the Add Server button. Simply insert all the information into all the available fields, and click save.

    Toplist Settings

    • Title: Your server title (up to 40 char.)
    • Tags: Categories to describe your server (up to 3)
    • Website Url: The url to your website
    • Discord Url: The Discord Invite Url (coming soon!)
    • Url Callback: Callback url (described here)
    • Server Description: Describe your server (including graphics)
    • Banner Upload: Upload a banner (max. 468x60)

    Incentive Voting

    RuneList Toplist uses a callback feature that will send a request to the callback url you specify when adding your server. It is a string, usually an IPaddress or username. This string comes from your voting script which is appended at the end of the vote url.

    Vote URL


    {sid} Integer Your site ID. Can be found in the URL of your toplist server listing.
    {incentive} String Something your site uses to identify the voter.