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RuneQuest has developed a server of which combines the new runescape content that everyone loves and enjoys to play, while placing a unique custom twist, differentiating us from the rest. With flawless pking, extensive bossing and skilling, you will not run into the phase of "boredom" that other games provide. Our content matches all players game-style. With community driven updates and content, your opinion is valued, as here at RuneQuest, we believe the players are the most notable assets within the community.


Join us in this journey to create an epic environment for all players! With multiple Dev-Log posts per month, our dedicated development team works on fixing apparent bugs, improving upon mechanics as well as the release of new content. Our team consists of numerous developers, therefore the amount of effort and output placed into the client and game is unmatched. RuneQuest offers daily support for players, weekly tournaments + events, monthly giveaways and so much more. Ultimately, these are the aspects of which has enabled us to excel. We know you will enjoy your game time, as we have dedicated years into improving our skills within the RSPS community. Your management team at RuneQuest understands the market and knows what it takes to build a successful community.


We believe in growth, and hope you join us on our way!


RuneQuest- Wizzard