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Zeah - Play Your Way

New to the RSPS scene, Zeah cuts no corners when it comes to content and quality. We offer a competitive economy, flawless PvM and PvP, the thrill of leagues, weekly updates and an active community. Our goal is perfection and nothing less.

We incorporate the best of OSRS and Pre-Eoc to cater to every player. Feel free to join us on discord, forums and in-game by clicking "Play Now".

Here are some of the highlights of Zeah:
- Over 50 Bosses to defeat
- Full Chambers of Xeric & Theatre of Blood - TOA in Development!
- Perfected PvP and PK Tournaments
- Flawless minigames such as Guardians of the Rift
- Active community
- Full Inferno, Kiln and Fight Caves
- 7 Different gamemodes to choose from
- Group Ironman and Hardcore Group Ironman
- Every skill working
- Perfected Dungeoneering
- All of your favorite OSRS Minigames and many from Pre-Eoc
- Community events and giveaways
- Dedicated Wiki
- Suggestion voting system and polls to let your voice be heard
- Unique House System
- Over 500+ Achievements
- Relics to powerup your gameplay
- Play YOUR Way mindset

Released March 1st, 2022