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[Elvarg] Drystreak Protection | Up to 5

Website: https://elvarg.rsps.net

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/fS4jbpjF6K

15+ Globals Bosses with fun mechanics such as Owner Global, Money Global, Prayer Global, Pokemon Global, and more!
50+ Bosses & Pets
40+ Pokémon Battle Pets from PokeWorld
Train Zone
Drystreak Protection + Rate decrease W/ Custom Skilling Archeology
Up to 5 Custom Raids
Custom Minigames
40+ Daily Tasks
Launch Tasks for Shards
::Progression System
300+ Achievements
Pokémon PVP & PVM
Challenge Boards with Automated Rewards
Daily Challenge/Giveaway System
Slayer Unlocks with Superiors, Perm Account Booster, and Relics
Alchemy & Enchantments
Revamped Well of Goodwill with tons of perks!
Automated Skilling Events
Skill of The Hour
Boss of the Hour
2100+ Members in Discord
Revamped Player-Owned System
Gear Progression & Gear Libraries
Auction House for Unique Gear/Pets
Multi-World Integration Set for Future Gaming Network
500+ Upgrades
Gear Bonus Modifiers such as Droprate, Damage, Slayer, Bossing, Damage Negatation, and more!
Clue scrolls with over 300+ cosmetic items
Attendance System; Reward for gameplay
100+ Custom Maps
Instanced Gameplay
Huge Ironman Community w/ Ironman Global Boss, Ironman Zone & Pets
Launch Tasks & Battlepass
Beautiful Game frame & Loot Overlays