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Novea - #1 OSRS Economy Server!

Novea is a unique OSRS server including some Pre-EOC content.
We’re known for our friendly community and easy to start gameplay for newcomers.




Earn up to 100m per hour from the revenant caves, 30m per hour from the agility pyramid, or start off with a slayer task to set your account up for long term succes!

PVMing and having a great economy is what Novea focusses on.
Having the best droprates out of any OSRS server we strive to create a motivating and enjoyable game.
We also offer PKing tournaments held every 6 hours, and have other great PK incentives such as the PVP shop.

Some of Novea’s unique content includes

– Best PVM droprates
– PKing tournaments with rewards
– World bosses with great loot
– Wilderness boss
– Group ironman
– Full inferno
– Raids 1 & 2
– Custom donator zone
– PVP armours & weapons
– Torva, Virtus, Pernix armour & Korasi’s sword

Hopefully this has given you enough insight on what Novea is all about.
We’d love for you to join our community and can’t wait to see you online!