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  1. SIMPLICITY Our forums can be found here: Forums. Website https://simplicityps.org/?ref=rlio-vote Download https://simplicityps.org/play.html
  2. SIMPLICITY Our forums can be found here: Forums. Website https://simplicityps.org/?ref=rlio-vote Download https://simplicityps.org/play.html Tombs of Amascut media, read the full update log here: https://community.simplicityps.org/index.php?/topic/10411-⭐-28012024-tombs-of-amascut-raids-3-ring-of-elites-tumekens-shadow-osmumtens-fang-masori-set-tumekens-chest-more/ Seasonal Updates are always fire on Simplicity Everyone waiting for Emperor Massacre event (10x10 AoE) Simplicity back in 2020 Client Settings (excluding Runelite settings) Platinum chest Presets loader interface Grand Exchange One of the best ranged sets in the game, Oceanic archer set. Duel arena interface Fishing skill Master Achievements Player tab interface
  3. Calling all RSPS players tired of the same boring game-loop and bad communities. Are you struggling to find a good RSPS? You check the server list every week but every server has the same boring content and non existent or even worse, bad communities? if you want an engaged community, fresh and meaningful content and a RSPS experience you'll never forget, pay close attention. Exiled RSPS is a freshly released, passionately and carefully built project built for the players, by the players. Exiled is the result of many long-time RSPS players coming together to create their dream server and we want to share it with you! Daily events, new raids, fresh content and bosses and more all at your finger tips. I'm sure you've tried many RSPS before and always end your experience unsatisfied but Exiled will be the last RSPS you'll ever want to login to. It's impossible for us to describe all the incredible and unique content Exiled has in store, but luckily for you its just a click away!
  4. Ignite is a truly magnificent #718 OSRS content filled RSPS! With an amazing community and countless hours of content join now! https://ignite-ps.com Raids 1,2,3, The only FULL RuneLite experience in #718 and countless more! https://ignite-ps.com Media:
  5. Lostscape


    LostScape features tons of PvM Economy Customs LostScape is under on-going development. What you see now does not reflect the final image for LostScape.
  6. Wisdom


    - Key Features - Nex BattlePass Collection Logs Standard and RuneLite clients Achievements (Easy, Medium, Hard) Rewards system, where you can claim every 4 hours Raids 1 (CoX) Raids 2 (ToB) Trading Post Gambling Automatic Donation System Vorkath Alchemical Hydra Rev Caves Inferno Voting rewards And much much much more! We are a suggestion driven community. Please let us know any suggestions that you may have in the discord! Always updating to add more! Updates are suggestion driven and typically occur weekly. -Media-
  7. Roat Pkz is the most active PvP Server in the scene - being a pioneer in wilderness events & boasting a 12 year uptime, take a look at our media below and get ready for an adventure See you soon!– The Roat Pkz Staff Team Media Showcase Play Now
  8. Roat Pkz is the most active PvP Server in the scene - being a pioneer in wilderness events & boasting a 12 year uptime, take a look at our media below and get ready for an adventure See you soon!– The Roat Pkz Staff Team Media Showcase Play Now
  9. Server Has A LOAD Of Options Which Some Of It Includes: -All Skills Trainable -25+ Shops -Loads of Areas Usable -Grotworms RS Spawn Locations -QBD With Rewards Room -Dominion Tower (Not bugged Just Fix Rewards) -Different Teleport Styles Per Teleport Command -New Rank For Server Owner Includes Its Own Crown (Reg owner has a dif crown as well) -Admin Crown Is A Golden A -Mod Crown Is A Silver M -Loads Of Item Fixes (Just need to finish the options for the attack styles so it doesnt have kick, punch etc..) -Custom Items (Like at least 15-20 of them) -Loads Of Custom Commands (like ::fly ::flash ::red etc..) -All Emotes Working On The Emotes Tab -Custom Emote For Nomad Cape (As well as a new custom Multiplayer Dungeon For it) -Multiplayer Kalphite Queen -Multiplayer Construction (Yes yes I know you guys love single player con just fix the handler) -Special Summoning Pets (Removed death at hunger and pets grow after you feed them 5 items) -Special Owner Player Option *Rampage* That Allows You To Hit Anyone Anywhere -Special Owner Commands Such As ::trial :eathsentance :eathsentance2 and so on -Yell Color Recoloring (Use Hexadecimal Color Codes – All players can use the command) -Donator Zone Is Huge And Is Traveled To By The Boat At ::crabs -Godwars Is Reconstructed (You need Keys to open god doors made from Key Parts (Ids 20120, 20121, 20122, 20123, 20124)) -Easy To Load And Has Great High Detail Settings -Client Can Be Renamed As Well As The Cache Name It Puts Into Your User Folder -Snelm Crafting -Thieving Guild -All Agility Arenas Coded (Just need to finish up wildy course) -New Banker Dialogue (exchanges 2b coins for a Money Cert) -Jadinko Lair And Vines Coded -Polypore Dungeon Objects and Spawns Coded -Custom ::afk Zone (Make sure to read what it tells you) You can add me In-Game “Dan” I am Owner, I am Looking for Staff & Players will be keeping this server running for the foreseeable future
  10. ShadowScape is based of 317 with OSRS content built for the players by the players! Here at shadowscape we thrive of what the players want, we are a fresh server in BETA mode Full raids 1&2 with TOA almost finished Heaps of Minigames Full Inferno Achievements & Achievement dairy Collection log Coin pouch Full runelite HD heaps of game modes including ironman/group ironman
  11. RSPS with raids 1 and 2, bosses, skilling tasks, all slayer helms, semi custom, no OP gear, TOA items, custom raid, all skills, gambling
  12. Custom RSPS Server | Skilling | Unique Home Map | 7-10 Raids | Custom Raids | Completely custom items | Custom Interfaces | Custom Bosses & Areas | Cosmetic Tab | BIS Interface | BattlePass | Mini Me | And Much More
  13. Inferno is 317 osrs semi custom, The developer have decided to build a PVP, PVM, and ECO game, so anyone who is searching for a adventure can be join us, the server offers you many content such as wilderness events, over 25 bosses (Safe, Wilderness) around the game, Perfect PVP Combat, all skilling are working and auto gambling, OSRS tournaments, and alot more of minigames, Events, The server will be driven by our community by hosting polls or by suggestions, we are taking every single suggestion in mind, i would thank you for reading about Inferno. - The developers also decided to add new system for our players which works like killing a boss for 07 bond money, so players can be enjoing at all, also our developers are enjoying watching thier players enjoying ingame. Website - Play Now Some Videos: *You can find more videos at the youtube! Website - Play Now - Discord Thank you for reading, Hope we see you ingame soon!
  14. Old School BlissScape is a server created as the Old School version of BlissScape 718. It has all the great QoL features and high-quality content as the 718 server, but with OSRS content instead! This server is still in Beta - plenty of content still needs to be added, but what's there is functioning well, maybe with a couple of bugs. The server may have downtime and may be updated infrequently at first. Already Added: Searchable Player Owned Shops Reaper Tasks Ironman, UIM, and HCIM gamemodes Plus Skiller mode All GWD bosses Barrows Fight Caves Zulrah Vorkath Cerberus Kraken Thermonuclear Smoke Devil Callisto Vet'ion Venenatis Scorpia Chaos Fanatic Crazy Archaeologist All Skills 100% Slayer tasks Rooftop courses OSRS Skill interfaces Karambwans A ton more OSRS content is planned to be added in the near future, eventually becoming an OSRS remake except with all the Blissful QoL features you've come to know with BlissScape There is no planned server reset after OSBS comes out of Beta.
  15. Hello there, thanks for checking out or advertisement thread; we highly appreciate it! || Play Now || If you're looking for an authentic pre-eoc server - this is for you! Velheim offers a mix of RS3 content on a pre-eoc client. Enjoy the old combat and interface styles with all of the latest RuneScape 3 content. We have most of the newest content RS3 does, and if we do not have it yet, it will be released within a couple days of whenever Jagex updates! Velheim focuses on providing the player with an authentic experience, thus we offer you over 400 original RS shops, fully functional Grand Exchange with item prices fluctuating based on supply and demand, fairly easy to obtain drops, at 1/200 for VERY rare table and loads of other special tables; such as Raptor keys, Crystal keys, Crystal triskelions, Rare drop table, Wilderness shared drop table and many more! You will never run out of things to grind for. There are 7 different modes to choose from upon starting: Normal mode: X200 EXP Novice mode: X50 EXP, +2.5% drop-rate boost Classic mode: X2 EXP, +10% drop-rate boost Ironman mode: X10 EXP, +5% drop-rate boost Hardcore Ironman mode: X10 EXP, +7.5% drop-rate boost Group Ironman mode - X10 EXP, +5% drop-rate boost, team up with 4 other GIM players Ultimate Ironman mode - X10 EXP, +10% drop-rate boost, no banking Some Velheim features (but not limited to): Distractions & Diversions; Evil tree, Crashing star, Guthixian cache, Trivias, etc. Over 20 bosses, including Vorago, Barrows: Rise of the Six, Magister, Araxxor, etc. All 28 skills, including FULL - Dungeoneering/Divination/Archaeology/Invention. A super easy way to navigate the world, there's a teleport interface for EVERY skill! Keyboard shortcuts - such as bank presets, make-all skilling, squeal of fortune spinning, etc. Lively world-map. Ever noticed how most server owners do not care about the environment? WE DO! ALL cities are fully populated with NPC's (a lot of them even with full dialogues!), item spawns and objects (with Agility shortcuts!) On-screen (de)buff timers! Every in-game effect will have a little icon with a timer below displaying when it will run out instead of having a chat-box message that could easily be missed NO CUSTOMS. YES! Our server is an authentic RuneScape re-creation. NO buy-able gear or items, everything you see in-game is achieved by players themselves. Toggles for - loot beams, legacy/RS3 animations, world messages, vial destroying and many more. Fully customisable - play the way YOU want! A super active owner who's online on a daily basis and will take your inputs.
  16. Janus debuted in 2020. Since then, we've made some insane improvements! 70% of the source code has been re-written into Kotlin, preparing Ruse for the future. We strongly believe in staying loyal to the OSRS style of gameplay, however, we are famous in the scene for adding injecting that 'custom' feeling! Janus will never have gimmicks such as Pokemon - But we will create content that leechers can only dream of. We take quality to another level. If you're bored of the same old experience, try us out! Our Mini-Me system replicates a real player as your pet... Bend him to your will and train him using our hand-made skilling interface. You can even watch him train! Once you've levelled your companion, you can even trade him for resources such as logs, ores and runes. You've never played a server like Janus, we guarantee it. We are dedicated to our players enjoyment - If you want to melt down your unwanted weapons and armour for smithing XP and metal bars - Who are we to stop you?! You'll be able to smith Torva, 3rd Aged, Barrows, Armadyl and Dragon armour with genuine bars! Janus also has a skill cap of 120 - But - We didn't just increase the number... We've invested in genuine content, adding custom bows, logs, hatchets and trees, adding genuine expansions to the OSRS skilling system.
  17. Ajay


    OSRS focused Frequent Updates Friendly staff and community Custom and OSRS quests, with more coming. Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of Blood Full Nightmare, Hydra, Grotesque Guardians and more Wilderness world bosses and hourly world events Highscores Diaries + Achievements Multiple gamemodes Rewarding skilling and slayer Custom home, donator zones and more Upcoming: Nex, Tombs of Amascut and more coming soon
  18. Welcome to Tetra317! Tetra is a small server dedicated to community and player experience. We are always working on daily updates to bring fresh content and small bug fixes to keep the server running smoothly. We have a host of features that are sure to exemplify everything you love in an RSPS. Our dedicated developing team is working tirelessly to provide new content and keeps player suggestions on the top of every to-do list. Come play Tetra today and try for yourself! We look forward to seeing you ingame. If you don't like the server, that's OK! We want to hear your feedback on what you think we can do better! Features Chambers of Xeric Revenants & PvP armours Master Skill Capes Working clue scrolls 50% bonus experience in a random skill hourly Double xp weekends Right click drop tables Ability to choose your XP and drop rates 73+ Achievements Zulrah Player Owned Shops Highscores Cerberus Different Currencies 3 Gamemodes 70+ Custom Boss Pets Perfected Combat Bounty Hunter System Drop Tables Minigames Shift Click Dropping And More.....
  19. Allstarlegends Oldschool Nostalgia Has Returned! Please join us at: https://allstarlegends.eu Discord: https://discord.gg/ZH75adnRkv Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOxZw74xQQy-ReSMbYo5avw/videos Oldschool runescape private server! ::yell for everyone! Eco server 22 working skills Double exp weekends Auto Vote Auto Donate Hiscores Market
  20. we are a almost mirror copy of osrs for mechanics, drop tables, and map with some boosted xp rates offering Regular Ironman and Ultimate Ironman modes Running on a Zenyte Base we currently have raids 1&2 ATM ONLY COX is functional TOB will be functional in the future Feel free to check out our discord for more info
  21. Cerberus


    317 server loading 207 data this server also has Nightmare Boss, TOB, FOE, Nex, and COX all working! its a server everyone will love come see us today!