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Found 24 results

  1. STAKESCAPE Our website can be found here: StakeScape.org Download StakeScape is a brand new, state of the art Runescape Private Server with aims to build a community of all types of players and people. StakeScape offers may different ways to progress your account as well as many different methods to build up your bank value! Not only do we have many different PVM bosses, and raids, such as Theatre of Blood and Chambers of Xeric, we also have a Wilderness full of many different types of events for the PKers out there that want to see an active Wilderness. We also have a Gambling Hub for all those interested in becoming the kings and queens of the server! If you are one of the people interested in becoming one of the wealthier players, our Platinum Token system may interest you. Platinum Tokens are a purchasable currency through our Store which can be used as a currency to Stake, Dice and / or Deathmatch with, or whatever method of gambling you prefer. If you manage to profit some Platinum Tokens, you will then be able to sell them back to StakeScape for real money! So forget all of those servers that will ban you for wanting to make real money through staking, we encourage it with our system! Who doesn't want to make money through a game they enjoy? StakeScape was started this month by a two-person team of brothers who want to rebuild that community aspect so many of us miss. The grind has made us forget what a great game this can be when played with friends, and good company. If you're looking for a friendly atmosphere, then StakeScape is the place for you!
  2. JackYT

    Reign Rsps

    Hot PvP Server (w/ RuneLite & Ironman Mode) Welcome to Reign, a PvP focused server, made for ALL player types. Our goal is to reignite the very stale current state of RSPS's and reimagine what a truly unique PvP RSPS should offer. Not a PvP'er? Don't worry, you still play an important role in the success of the server! Keep reading below to see what we have to offer, and how every player fits into our community! WILDERNESS EXPANSION (9/3/2022) Our wilderness expansion update is live! This expansion brings brand new unique content to the original wilderness experience. With a variety of activities for skilling, pvmers and pker's alike. The expansion will surely be a worthwhile hotspot for all!! ARENAS ARE HERE! I'm super happy to announce that 1v1 Unrated Arenas are finally fully able to be played and tested! 1v1 Rated Arenas will be finished soon. Rated/Unrated 2v2 will most likely be coming after launch. To enter a 1v1 Unrated Arena: Speak to the Arena Master inside of the PvP Hall at home (building directly south of the GE) Select "I want to enter an Arena/Battleground" Choose "Arenas" category and then hit "Enter Queue" under Arena 1v1 to join! As soon as somebody else joins the queue, your Arena will begin and you will have 30 seconds to prep before the fight starts! 🔹️ Features 🔹️ ️ - PvP Arena w/Ratings (1v1/2v2/10v10) - Daily Wilderness Activities -Instant Pking with Quick Gear (spawning) - Hold the Fort / Capture the Flag - Achievements - Fully Functional Skills - Chambers of Xeric - The Nightmare - Vorkath - Fragment of Seren - The Inferno - Zalcano, Wintertodt & Motherload Mine - Last Man Standing - Item Enchantment System - Full Runelite Integration ...more. See for yourself!
  3. The best new pvm and pvp focused server, with exciting fun content and a community you will love
  4. Welcome to Sunwell! We're one of the most unique custom servers with an active staff team and developers that are working on bringing you some great unique content! Here's some of the things to look forwards too: 54 unique zones to work your way through and to get amazing loot from. Fully automated Scam-proof gambling system Battlepasses that are challenging and give you an advantage over team mates Iron man & Group iron man! Daily tasks/rewards oldschool pvp and newshool pvp and the same time!
  5. *Vote mystery box for every vote* Join Ancestral today to begin your journey along with an influx of new players adding to an already solid community! Join our community Discord with over 400 MEMBERS! runique.io
  6. • An active community, along with a balanced economy as well as an active wilderness! • That real OSRS feeling from every aspect as far as combat and skilling, everything tested and working properly • The newest OSRS content, along with constant updates to ensure we have the latest content almost as soon as it's released! • All of the OSRS Wilderness bosses including some global World Bosses for you to encounter solo or with friends! • Every skill fully functioning and working properly! • A very smooth exchange system for you to buy & sell your items among other players. • A great and friendly team of staff members that have been together as a team since the beginning! • Revenant caves, and loads of Wilderness content! • Fully functioning Raids and other mini-games such as inferno • A unique achievement system granting you great rewards in-game, also Wilderness achievements for that high risk high reward!
  7. Custom home with easy to navigate areas Balanced custom items and pets with effects to provide both a unique and not over done feel Classic Chambers of Xeric raids, as well as a custom Raid Custom monsters/bosses in Deranged archaeologist, Elvarg, El fuego, Lava beasts, and our all new Seren multi boss with unique mechanics World bosses/group bosses. Tournament system with rewards/riskzone and tournament point shop An automated/safe gambling system Custom slayer perks/unlockables that reward the people that grind for them Superior bosses that have custom drops, and give better drops than the original boss Functioning skilling system as well as custom max capes Forge table to upgrade/enchant certain items into better versions Velrai coin exchange to dump random items for otherwise unobtainable items Custom donator features/zones with benefits for all ranks We are also constantly updating, improving our combat systems and bringing you new bosses to keep your experience new and challenging
  8. Top quality content. Latest OSRS content with Pre EOC content such as dungeoneering, summoning, and more. Perfected combat system.
  9. Come join today #1 OSRS PVP RSPS
  10. Wintersoul is an OSRS server running #199 cache, We are focused on keeping content coming to keep players engaged! We are a semi-custom server with our own content coming out as well as trying to keep up to date with whatever OSRS releases! We are focusing on realistic gameplay but faster progression throughout Wintersoul. Now for what you've been waiting for! Some of our highlighted content will be listed below... Come check us out to see it all! PLAY NOW
  11. World PvP, level up and fight people all around runescape!, Real Players - Daily OSRS GP Tournaments - Daily Wilderness Tasks - Skilling - 1000+ Achievements - Sound Effects - Custom Wilderness Events - Gambling - Clan Cups - Custom PvP Ki..
  12. Homepage || Downloads || Forum || Discord Server we are relaunching on 1st of december 2021 join the discord for updates Welcome to WildyPK a OSRS Spawn and Pking Server Bosses: The nightmare, Alchemical Hydra, Vorkath, Cerberus, Zulrah, Godwars, Corporeal Beast, Custom Abomination boss , Custom Barrows rise of six boss and all wilderness bosses Features: Anti scam gambling, Weapon Updates & Enchanting, Duel arena, custom high risk area (all items drops regardless), PKing Tournaments (1v1) , shooting stars, custom items Custom Items: Items like the korasi sword and ring of vigour, Torva and Recolours of justicar and Ancestral with better stats aswell as upgradeable rings and weapons with better stats and effects And loads More..
  13. Welcome aboard to the advertisement thread of Fremennik, never heard of us? That's totally fine! Because we are in still in beta stages. We need a few beta testers to help us out. If you are willing to sign up for the closed beta, join our discord server and sign up for it. Once we are releasing you will receive a unique beta tester rank. Features: [*]Latest OSRS data [*]717 animations [*]Squeal of Fortune [*]Instanced slayer [*]Item fusion system [*]Weekly updates and patches [*]Customizable client [*]Amazing interfaces [*]Friendly and active staff [*]Different game modes Amazing login screen: H'ween event till 9th of November: Easy and efficient trading post system: Customizable client, play how you like it: Item fusion system: Collection log: Skill guides: - Custom revenant caves: Fully working price checker: World map:
  14. ghost2866


    Amazing brand new server uptime 100% dedicated VPS, Never down friendly staff amazing players flawless system clan wars pvp point shop
  15. Oblivion


    ApocryphaPK is an Oldschool RuneScape server based on a "Player versus Player" combat Micro-Economy, we have all of the latest OSRS data and a "Login and PK" vision for the server. Apocrypha's economy works differently from others, here- you will make TONS of blood money to fund your PVP ventures no matter what gear you decide to use! Join today and feel the thrill of high risk combat in just hours of play time!
  16. Rift - The new upcoming OSRS PvP server! Rift is a OSRS PvP sever loading #197 data thriving to be the best! The server is mainly focused around PvP content but also has great PvM content to keep the balance! Release date: TBD Features 23 working skills Fully working automated gambling system Flawless PvM content Perfect OSRS combat Automated gambling system Automated tournament system
  17. Brand New Custom RSPS , Great Active Community 100+ Players 8000+ Custom Items 60+ Custom Bosses 9+ Custom Minigames Hunting & Skilling Gambling Zone Active Community , we are based on play2win Fullscreen , Giveaways , Daily Automatic Events Our Official Website: https://pernixcus.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pernixscape/ Discord: https://discord.gg/zyymFt6
  18. HectateRsps -= Features and more! =- - Custom home for a unique experience - Karuulm Dungeon - Chambers of Xeric - Alchemical Hydra - Inferno - Perfect Revenant Caves and Wilderness - The most up to date data revisions - Hand crafted economy - Perfected many of the various skills ---------------------------------------------------------------- - Hydra's - Chambers of Xeric - Inferno Boss fight in this release is roughly 90% - All TOB weapons - Some combat changes / rework ---------------------------------------------------------------- - Many skills at home - Different gamemodes - Lots of bosses - Custom items - Theatre of Blood - Nightmare - Construction and POH System - Full Farming Guild - ZMI Altar - Full Fossil Island - Hespori ----------------------------------------------------------------- Information : Website : https://www.hectatersps.com Discord : https://discord.gg/N8RSReh86y Version : 317 rsps -------------------------------------------------------------------
  19. (+) USE REFERRAL CODE IN-GAME: ::Referral Zenith (+) > Website < > Discord < Hello and welcome to Zenith's Advertisement Post! We are a 317 PI RSPS aiming to bring back the same OSRS feel we once knew in 2007, whilst bringing a custom twist with clean execution. It can get tiring moving from server to server, only to train up to max total level and become bored again - we want to provide an atmosphere that changes this very concept and gives you something to do 24/7. We're developing daily based upon player suggestions and ideas, plus the extensive creativity we can bring from our team; We're dedicated to bringing longevity back to RSPS, without the repetition! To provide longevity through our game, we keep to a strict economy where possible - Overpowered items have no place here, but you WILL feel progress whenever you move up the scale. Our aim here is not to see tonnes of players all aiming for the same "BIS Gear" - We want to provide a VARIETY of armour choices for people to play with, for ALL THREE combat styles. Take on some of the craziest enemies you've seen and wear some of the flashiest gear you will ever find in this fantastically customised mash-up! Core Features Variety of XP Modes (Elite, Classic, Extreme, Normal) Variety of Ironman Modes (Group, Ultimate, Hardcore, Normal) OSRS PKING - Customs do not interrupt the PKing legacy! Daily Rewards, Daily Tasks, Custom Achievements Boosted Slayer Rewards (Infernal Keys, Slayer Keys, Slayer Boxes) Over 100+ Pets to Collect - including Damage and Drop Rate Boosting! Bonus XP & Points Perks, WOGW, Double XP Weekend, Owner's Boosts Collection Log, NPC Droptables, Drop-Rate System Variety Of Chests to Open (Infernal, Slayer, Crystal, Wilderness, Pursuit, Raids) Gambling, Staking, FFA Tournament Wilderness Content for Activity (Boss Hunts, Chests etc) OSRS Minigames & Custom Minigames OSRS Raids & Custom Raids Media
  20. Join us at Intensity-ps.com Welcome to the project thread of Intensity! We are an economy server with a lot of OSRS content added! Intensity is owned by myself and a close friend of mine, we've been working along side each other for quiet some time now. We're working very hard to make sure everything is up to par and going to be enjoyable for everyone! We're not releasing something that's half done, and unplayable. Lots of media to be added very soon! Some features of Intensity that are added or in the development stages to be added in the very near future are listed below ; ✔ Scam-proof flower poker & gambling! ✔ Fully working Nightmare boss! ✔ Full Inferno minigame! ✔ Revenant Caves! ✔ Karuulm slayer dungeon and the Alchemical Hydra! ✔ Raids I & II! ✔ A flawless Grand Exchange! ✔ Fully functioning Vorkath! ✔ OSRS Bosses with the corresponding pets! ✔ All skilling pets! ✔ All skills working properly flawless! ✔ All kinds of achievements! ✔ And lots more! Discord Website