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We have a strict update schedule, updating every 2 weeks with lots of new content updates. We listen to our communities suggestions, and even hold community polls.

Give it a shot, and you wont regret it 🙂

Here’s a list of key features:

Custom Battle Pets with over 100+ unique combat designs!
Level and Equip Your Battle Pet with Unique Armour, Rings and Enchantments
Custom Made Slayer with Unique Rewards/Unlocks
A Custom Made Skilling Task System, with Unique Rewards/Unlocks
Custom Skilling System from New Mining Rocks, Foods, Potions & A lot More
Over 10 Custom Dungeons (Yes, including maps and monsters)
A Massive Collection Log Including Rewards on Completion
5+ World Event Bosses
Raid Invocations
4 Full On Custom Raids
a Free & Premium Battle Pass
Group IronMan
A Wiki to help you throughout your game experience
Custom Underwater Dungeon Content Including Fishing
A Transmogrifier to override your beautiful custom equipment
Multiple Daily Login Rewards
Seasonal EventsThere’s a lot more where that came from!