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Hey Everyone! Zed here, I'am the owner of ZodianX, which is a OSRS Server with a unique twist and lots of custom content as well as Loved Content from RS2. We invite everyone to partake in the beginning of something great! ZodianX has currently launched on September 2nd, 2023 as a Early-Access, our approach is simple Give the Community what they want and make sure everyone is having fun!

Regular Updates:

Weekly updates featuring new content, bug fixes, and quality-of-life improvements.

Live Events:

Weekly tournaments, scavenger hunts, and PvP Tournaments/Wars.

Friendly Staff:

Highly responsive, player-focused staff members who are here to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Community Driven:

ZodianX is a server that relies on the input and feedback of it's Community and members, we take everyones suggestions and creative genius into account before working on any kind of new content/features.

Features -


- Progressive Pack Yak system, starts with the ability to store 3 items

- Full Ancient Curses

- Osrs with Unique custom content as well as content taken from OSRS and PRE-EOC

- Battlepass System

- Daily Rewards System

- Daily Tasks System

- Runelite Hd

- Custom Unique Island Home

- Full Inferno

- Full Raids 1 & 2

- Full Nex

- Automated Pk Tournaments

- Winterodt

- Vorkath

- Galvek

- Almost Every skill working!

- Lots of Custom & Unique content and more being added daily