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Inferno - Join the epic adventure !



Inferno is 317 osrs semi custom, The developer have decided to build a PVP, PVM, and ECO game, so anyone who is searching for a adventure can be join us, the server offers you many content such as wilderness events, over 25 bosses (Safe, Wilderness) around the game, Perfect PVP Combat, all skilling are working and auto gambling, OSRS tournaments, and alot more of minigames, Events, The server will be driven by our community by hosting polls or by suggestions, we are taking every single suggestion in mind, i would thank you for reading about Inferno.

- The developers also decided to add new system for our players which works like killing a boss for 07 bond money, so players can be enjoing at all, also our developers are enjoying watching thier players enjoying ingame.

Website - Play Now



- 117 HD & GPU
- Squid Game minigame
– Raids 1 & 2
-  Custom raids
- Pvm (Bosses dropping 07 money to claim).
– Nex
– Hard Mode Theatre of Blood
– The Nightmare
– Alchemical Hydra
– Pets with perks
– Collection Log with rewards
– Trading post
– Autochat
– Presets
– Loot Keys
– PVP Keys (DeadMan)
– Automatic Gamble zone
– Daily Giveaways
– Daily Rewards
– Group Ironman
– Choose your XP Rates
– OSRS Content
– Achievements
– Quests
– Skilling Island
- Divine super prayer potion
– Unique Maps
– Over 25 Bosses (Wildy bosses, Safe bosses).
– All the skilling are working.

- And much more!!




Also We have some worlds event such as:

– Wilderness key

- Wilderness chest

– PvP Hotspots

– Wilderness bosses

– Osrs Tournaments

– HP Events

- Lottery

– Vote Boss


Some Videos:





*You can find more videos at the youtube!

Website - Play Now - Discord

Thank you for reading, Hope we see you ingame soon!