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RuneRealm!Come Join a Epic RS Adventure!


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Are you looking for a New Epic Runescape Adventure?

Look no Further!

RuneRealm is your one-stop-shop for everything RSPS!

This server truly has it all. From traditional OSRS progression & gameplay to unique/custom raids, minigames, events, ideas and more!

This server is a server that creates it's own Unique Content taken from suggestions from the Community, it is what a RSPS should be! The traditional feeling and gameplay you all enjoy, with our own creative twist - Everyones!

RuneRealm has something for everyone, whether you are a PvMer, PvPer or Gambler... we have what you WANT!

Give RuneRealm a shot today and the only thing you will regret is not joining sooner.


Notable RuneRealm Features

  • Daily Login Rewards
  • Daily Bosses
  • Daily PvP rewards
  • Over 15+ Minigames
  • Oer 15+ Bosses to Battle each with it's own unique mechanic!
  • Battlepass & Votepass
  • Working RuneLite Client with OpenGl Hd & Resource Packs & 3d Weather System!
  • Afk Zone
  • Automated PvP Tournaments
  • Loads of skilling content including Construction, Wintertodt, Puro Puro, Most OSRS roof courses and much more
  • Heavy focus on World Events
  • Loads of dungeons, minigames and bosses to take on around the world
  • Item Upgrading with loads of Upgradeable - Weapons/Armour/Gear
  • Apply Cosmetics to your BIS Gear!
  • Nightmare, Nex, TOB, COX
  • Near 1:1 OSRS slayer system
  • Achievements & Collection Logs