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Found 16 results

  1. Ignite is a truly magnificent #718 OSRS content filled RSPS! With an amazing community and countless hours of content join now! https://ignite-ps.com Raids 1,2,3, The only FULL RuneLite experience in #718 and countless more! https://ignite-ps.com Media:
  2. CodyLogan97


    Home 🚀 Join OverDose Custom Server for an Epic Gaming Experience! 🎮 Are you ready for a gaming adventure like no other? Look no further! OverDose is the ultimate custom server that takes your gameplay to the next level. Here’s why you should join us: ✨ Customized Gameplay: OverDose offers a unique gaming experience with carefully crafted custom features. From exciting game modes to special events, every moment is tailored for maximum fun! 🌐 Dedicated Community: Join a community of passionate gamers who share your enthusiasm for Overdose. Make new friends, form alliances, and conquer challenges together. The OverDose family is waiting for you! 🔥 Exclusive Rewards: Earn exclusive rewards and unlock special items as you progress through the game. OverDose rewards its players for their dedication and skill. Who doesn’t love epic loot? 🛡️ Fair Play Environment: OverDose is committed to providing a fair and enjoyable gaming environment. Our rules are designed to ensure a level playing field for all players. Say goodbye to cheaters and embrace fair competition! 🎁 Regular Events and Updates: Expect constant excitement with regular events and updates. OverDose is always evolving, bringing you fresh content to keep your gaming experience thrilling and dynamic. 🌟 Join OverDose Today and Level Up Your Gaming Journey! 🌟 TOP AOE System W/ Total 71 AOE Items Upgrading/Forging System ::Bis showing best in slot gear items! Custom Minigames New Custom minigames that will be a tough grind but enjoyable at the same time. Testing your RNG and your strength! 15+ Multi bosses and 50+ NPC zones Tons of multi bosses that you can slay with a group of friends , or even solo if you are strong enough ! Even 50+ Zones that can be grinded through that drop better gear through-out your journey Custom blood slayer tasks with a lot of unique and never seen before npcs inside the blood slayer dungeon. Group Ironman Ever wanted to be an ironman but know it is a complete grind and don’t want to be alone? Now you can group with your friends and grind as a team! Yu-Gi-Oh Raids Raids with 4 bosses from YuGiOh – Each boss has its own Combatscript with its own custom mechanics! Battle pass Earn a bunch of great items by leveling up the battle pass ! Daily Tasks Daily player? This server is for you! Tons of daily tasks that can be completed to earn some juicy rewards Automated gambling system fun and easy gambling systems that can be played with the click of a few buttons ! chill and watch while you gamble and win large. Daily login rewards Every day you log in you earn a free reward! Cosmetic Keepsake System Ever seen a set you love in a custom server but you always grind out of it ? Now you can use keepsake keys to add your favorite items into your keepsake wardrobe, where you can override your current character display!
  3. 60+ Bosses & 100+ Pets! RuneRealm has a vast variety of additions to OSRS, many custom skilling pets and outfits, for each skill at least one, providing experience boosts in their respective skills! Many bosses with their own Collection logs and unique rewards! Custom RuneLite client & OpenGL HD Our own custom client with similair plugins to the infamous RuneLite, but without allowing player made plugins. We have full GPU support, HD, Menu swappers, NPC markers, Tile markers, Exp trackers and calculators, even a Custom Highscores lookup tool! Our 35+ existing plugins will have what you need, if not a simple feature request will get it implemented. 4+ Years of Development means this is the most CONTENT PACKED server out there! Different Gamemodes Besides the already familiar Ironman, Hardcore and Ultimate Ironman mode, we also have an Extreme mode available for each of them. Being an Extreme player will decrease your XP rates to 1/5th of a normal player, but you will have the additional bonus of a 20% Rare Drop rate boost! Unique Points System Participating in PvM, Bossing or Skilling will provide you additional points which can be spend in their designated shops to unlock even more cool rewards! We have so much more to offer, but you should find that out by yourself! Unique Custom Home 160+ Pets and Special Pet Effects We have over 160 different pets, some of which have very unique effects, for example soulsplit like effects or xp/accuracy boosts. You can toggle from your pet effect menu (you will unlock this effect as soon as you have the pet follow you atleast once, then you can use the effect with any pet you like for cosmetic purposes). With our pet storage system you can deposit and withdraw your pets from anywhere, making a pet hunt also fun for UIM. Prestige Abilities After prestiging a skill you will earn prestige points, that can later be used to unlock passive abilities to even further assist you in your adventures, like doubling the amount of cannonballs your cannon can hold, an amulet of aggression that will turn any non-aggro monster near you aggressive, or a boost for your rare drop rates! Full Slayer Task Extensions One-time purchase and you can individually toggle the extensions forever Custom Donator Zones Nex Nightmare Theatre of Blood Alchemical Hydra Ethereal Revenant and Armour The Ethereal Revenant and many more custom bosses Media:
  4. LegacyRS


    Experience the Ultimate Adventure in Our Custom 317 RSPS! Now in Beta - Join us as we shape the future of RSPS! Join us on a thrilling journey through a world of endless possibilities and unparalleled excitement! Our custom 317 RuneScape Private Server (RSPS) is here to redefine your gaming experience. With a range of unique features, dedicated staff, and an ever-expanding world, we guarantee you won't find anything else like it! Unleash Your Potential with Global Bosses: Prepare for epic battles that will test your skills and teamwork to the limit! Our custom RSPS boasts an array of challenging global bosses, each with their own unique mechanics and rewards. Rally your clan, strategize, and conquer these formidable foes to claim your place among the legends! Forge Your Path with our Progression System: Embark on a journey of growth and development like never before. Our innovative progression system ensures that every action you take, every monster you slay, and every milestone you achieve brings you closer to unlocking new abilities, gear, and privileges. Your dedication and perseverance will be rewarded as you rise through the ranks and become a force to be reckoned with! Master the Art of Skilling: Whether you're a combat aficionado or a dedicated artisan, our RSPS offers a vast array of skill training options to suit your playstyle. Engage in a comprehensive skilling experience with our custom skills that go beyond the boundaries of traditional gameplay. From creating powerful artifacts to discovering hidden resources, there's always something new to explore! A Team That's Always There for You: At our RSPS, we believe in delivering top-notch support and assistance to our valued players. Our dedicated staff team is passionate about creating a friendly and inclusive community where everyone's voice is heard. From resolving issues promptly to organizing exciting events, we're committed to ensuring your gameplay is smooth, enjoyable, and memorable. Endless Adventures Await: As we continue our journey in the beta phase, we invite you to be part of our thriving community and help shape the future of our RSPS. Your feedback, ideas, and suggestions are invaluable in our pursuit of perfection. Together, we'll explore new realms, conquer grand challenges, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Join us now and experience the magic of our custom 317 RSPS! Visit our website at LegacyRSPS.com, download the client, and embark on the adventure of a lifetime. The world is waiting for you! LegacyRS: Where Legends are Born.
  5. RuneFlare is a new 317 with tons of boss skilling ironman hardcore group ironman and bunch of content come check us out at http://RuneFlare.com/
  6. Allstarlegends Oldschool Nostalgia Has Returned! Please join us at: https://allstarlegends.eu Discord: https://discord.gg/ZH75adnRkv Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOxZw74xQQy-ReSMbYo5avw/videos Oldschool runescape private server! ::yell for everyone! Eco server 22 working skills Double exp weekends Auto Vote Auto Donate Hiscores Market
  7. KyLastos


    Winter Event - PVP - Gambling - Custom Donator Zone - ALL OSRS Bosses - Revenant town - Vote rewards - Friendly community!
  8. nightpkz


    Tons of content bossing pking skilling events come try us out https://runeflare.com/
  9. 20+ Fully Working Skills Perfect Combat Fully working Clanwars Random Skill Events Community Orientated RSPS Wishing Well Many Achievements to Accomplish Friendly Eco Skill4Profit Over 25+ Bosses to Battle! Community events Much More! Outlast Tournament Minigame
  10. Brutal RSPS [718-903] Brand new RSPS Lot of content and custom content! ---------------------------------------------- CUSTOM BOSSES! - Telos, the warden - The magister - Solak - Lucien - Rise of the ancient warrior (Fight Statius/Vesta and other ancient warriors!) - Rise of the six - Tusken invasion - All dye for t90/92 armor and weapon --------------------------------------------------------- - Serengod equipment! - All drygore equipment! - Masterworker equipment! - Accension equipment! - Khopesh equipment! - Superior vesta! - Dragon rider equipment! - Ring of death / Hydrix ring / Hazelmere's ring! - Divination skill! - Fully community discord! - GWD [ includes : Bandos, Zamorak, Saradomin, Armadyl - GWD-2 [ includes: Helwyr, Greg, Vind, Furies! ] ------------------------------------------------------------- - About 25 custom perks! [ example: No GWD kc required anymore! ] - Alot of custom pets! [ with a perk they can help attack! ] - Very decent home! ::home - Every 12 hour nice VOTE rewards - 11 different slayer masters! Fully custom slayer rewards! Also has a [ slayer perk ] - Fully working [ Clan system! ] - Prestige system! -= Website : https://www.brutalrsps.com -= Discord : https://discord.gg/2TWQRTQuBQ -= Donate : https://www.brutalrsps.com/store -= Vote : https://www.brutalrsps.com/vote Trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iarjkvlY-R8&feature=youtu.be Join now we are looking for staff members and Normal players!
  11. Unbelievable content! CUSTOM RAIDS. Check us out here: https://www.aurelius-ps.com/
  12. insignia rsps is now looking for beta testers to help with the development of our server, were trying our best to make our server a community based rsps, some of our bosses you wont be able to take on without a clan, so this server in some terms will really rely on people working with each other and building a wholesome community (without the custom rainbow bullshit and ninja dildo godswords)