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Found 15 results

  1. Ignite is a truly magnificent #718 OSRS content filled RSPS! With an amazing community and countless hours of content join now! https://ignite-ps.com Raids 1,2,3, The only FULL RuneLite experience in #718 and countless more! https://ignite-ps.com Media:
  2. "Ikadia is a 718 Loading OSRS data & 685 models dedicated to providing a fun mix between RS2 and OSRS. Ikadia will be a server driven by community input using content polls to determine the scope of content and game play. We have learned a lot in our past projects and one thing that has always stuck out above the rest, is the important of considering your communities wants & needs, This is our rendition of how a perfect server would look like and providing you an awesome server to capture the best of RS2 and OSRS!" RS2: - Supports 24 Skills; incl. Dungeoneering, Construction & Summoning. - Supports 6 Game Modes; Easy, Normal & Elite, Ironman, Hardcore Ironman & Ultimate Ironman with its unique droprates - Professional Custom Interfaces - Over 30+ Bosses - Complete Slayer Tasks With Duo Slayer Support - Over 10k+ NPC Configurations Working - 300+ Coded Shops All Around The Map - Full Dominion Tower - Warrior Guild - Puro-Puro - Functional Castle Wars - Unique loyalty programme - Full Character Customization - 685 Item Looks - 667 Look-and-feel interfaces - Kiln & Fight Caves - Squeal Of Fortune - Potion Timers - Event Bosses - All Teleport Methods (EG. Lodestones, Fairy Rings etc.) - Sorceress's Garden - Grand Exchange - Shift dropping, ground item overlays, npc hovers & player display hovers - Wilderness Activities - From pking to pvm to skilling. OSRS Content: - The Inferno - Alchemical Hydra's - Abyssal Sire - Zulrah - Demonic Gorilla's - Cerberus - Vorkath - Vet'ion - Scorpia - Venenatis - Crazy Archeologist - Chaos Fanatic - Callisto - Kraken - Superior Slayer Creatures & more!
  3. 💰$150 Discord Invite Competition 🏆Server launch competitions (OSRS GP & Donator rewards) ✨Recruiting trust-worthy staff members & player content creators (PM Dbcrazy) ✔️Official Relaunch Date: LIVE NOW! 🛡️ About us Rune Decay is a 667 based engine loading content up to October of 2011. We have added additional support for certain OSRS & RS3 content & features to improve the QoL and fill in some of the gaps RS2 left. Although it is true we tend to stray in a more authentic RS approach, we also have implemented a limited number of custom weapon models as well as putting different uses to other legacy items. We aim to provide you with an enjoyable RS experience with the special RSPS twist you know and love. Join the adventure today! 📘 Content & Features ✦ 6 Different game modes including Ironman and Hardcore Ironman ✦ 24 Working skills including Farming and Construction ✦ Active Wilderness activities and events such as Boss spawns, Skilling events, PvP Bots, Hotspots and Bounty Targets ✦ Automated events such as Skill of the day, Shooting Stars, Evil Trees, Penguin Hide and Seek, Vote boss and World Boss ✦ Area looting system to eliminate the hassle of finding the loot you want to pick up ✦ Balanced combat system ✦ Build your own Player Owned House and train Construction ✦ Cast your spells with runes in your Rune Pouch or from special spell sacks ✦ Convenient right-click options added to every Skill for quick and easy teleport options ✦ Client additions such as Shift-click dropping, Ground Item Indicators, Loot beams, Keypress Teleports and Keyboard dialogue options ✦ Custom implemented bosses including Lucien, Lite Demons, Kar'lak the Warmonger, Blink and more ✦ Create new gear and weapons, learn unique tactics and craft new consumable items at The Sacred Forge ✦ Dedicated development team motivated to provide quality, enjoyable content ✦ Earn rare pets through Skilling and Bossing ✦ Full Collection Log data with support for Bosses, Clue Scrolls, Mini-games and special activities ✦ Fully working Grand Exchange system with a plethora of infinitely stocked items ✦ Gear presets and loadouts to switch between setups quicker ✦ Increased rendering distance with availability to zoom ✦ Mage Arena mini-game with randomized boss spawn to earn Imbued God Capes ✦ Optimized Edgeville home area with ease of access to Skilling, PvP and Teleports ✦ OSRS boss support including Cerberus, Kraken, Vorkath, Vennenatis and Zulrah ✦ Upgrade and level up Legendary Pets for unique boosts and abilities & so much more! [/IMG] 📷Media: https://imgur.com/0XDNvK6https://imgur.com/0XDNvK6
  4. Nascent is a very fun OSRS based semi custom with an extended end game! come check it out today! released 2022
  5. God-Corruption RSPS (Coming Soon ) The 1# 317 RSPS! - PS5 & Iphone Giveaway - Theatre Of Blood - Chamber Of Xerics - Active Minigames - Inferno Waves - Active Community -Custom Interfaces -Daily Tournaments What are you waiting for? Practice your favorite bosses and PvP right here, right now! Join Now! -Links- Discord: https://discord.gg/3xvg3jK6kW WebPage: https://god-corruption.com/
  6. EradicationX is an old RS2 Pre-EoC server which ran from 2013 all the way to 2017. After lots of anticipation, hard work in terms of management and development, we're glad to say that the legend is now BACK! We've modified the entire server, fixing its flaws both in the server's codes and content. It's in no way P2W and contains none of the economical flaws that the server used to have. It's been in development for a year, and is now completely rewritten & reworked. Note-able features: - Fully custom Raids - Professional Model Designs - 10 Unique fully custom written quests with cutscenes and rewards - First RS2 server to have a FULLY WORKING Lobby Screen with friends chat, friends list, clan chat and world selection integration And so much more! We re-launched the 25th of February and yet have a large playerbase, all we're missing... is YOU!
  7. Welcome to Dusk. With tons of bug-free content, an active community and a great staff & development team, Dusk is undeniably the best RSPS on the market. 1. Community http://i.imgur.com/OZ6JTkV.png The community here at Dusk is friendly and open to newcomers. We've been growing at a quick pace that is uncomparable to most servers. 2. Grand Exchange http://i.imgur.com/gTf7fFG.png http://i.imgur.com/Jt9Z6tW.png The grand exchange here at Dusk makes bartering goods simple! You can receive money for goods even while you're offline. 3. Nightmare Zone http://i.imgur.com/UiwvJzb.png Train your combat stats or receive great rewards in our nightmare zone by killing beasts, unlocking powerups, and fighting to your death. 4. Quests http://i.imgur.com/g2MAJr1.png Bonus features can be unlocked by completing quests, such as access to pets, lunar diplomacy wardrobes, and more. 5. Wilderness Activity http://i.imgur.com/epJgmlT.png Here at Lotica we understand the importance of an active wilderness. With tons of benefits in the wilderness, there is always something lurking in the shadows. Start your adventure today! Play at www.dusk.rs
  8. Avalon RSPS Official Trailer! We are going to be the BEST UPCOMING NEWEST RSPS VERSION #317. We have been working nonstop for 2 years perfecting every small outcome and want to give the users something different. This upcoming RSPS will blow your socks with the many features we are bringing. We will rival and triumph over all the RSPS servers out there and become #1 but we need your support. Visit https://avalonrsps.com/social-media/ and stay active with our social media for announcements on the release! Watch a short story trailer of AVALONRSPS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1x82DbfmO4
  9. WELCOME TO TARTARUS! Tartarus is a private server that has been in development since 2016. Our goal is to bring you the most content packed private server out there! Apart from custom game mechanics, bosses and a completely customized skill, we aimed to keep the original content intact. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? JOIN TARTARUS TODAY! 667 || Loading RS3 || Custom Engineering skill || Upgrade workbench || Cosmetic overrides || Animation overrides || Active community || Character makeover || Pre-EOC || Gambling || PvM || All skills working