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Found 12 results

  1. Welcome to Dusk. With tons of bug-free content, an active community and a great staff & development team, Dusk is undeniably the best RSPS on the market. 1. Community http://i.imgur.com/OZ6JTkV.png The community here at Dusk is friendly and open to newcomers. We've been growing at a quick pace that is uncomparable to most servers. 2. Grand Exchange http://i.imgur.com/gTf7fFG.png http://i.imgur.com/Jt9Z6tW.png The grand exchange here at Dusk makes bartering goods simple! You can receive money for goods even while you're offline. 3. Nightmare Zone http://i.imgur.com/UiwvJzb
  2. Custom RSPS | Unique Content | Tier System | Invention | Safe Gambling
  3. Forums | Official Discord | Client Download Getting Started in Pauper, the Beginners Guide Nex Update & More! | Home Location: Edgeville What's Pauper? Economy This is where we take our pride. Pauper's economy is a very fair one, many things in the server have been edited and changed based around our economy. A few bits of content requires a quest to be completed before gaining access to it, resulting in rarity trees. No items are available for donation whatsoever, so any item you see in-game was earned by the community in some way or another. Due to the scarce resources a
  4. Owneralex


    HorizonX Is an amzing custom rsps, Active staff , active community , 20+ Online players still on beta join now guys!
  5. Welcome to Ely. The leading 718 with OSRS mash-up. Why choose us? If your a fan of the true Pre-EoC feel of RS - you found it. Instead do you prefer OSRS? You have a home here as well. We are not only a mash-up of content between multiple revisions - no, we offer more. We expanded many areas of the game with Ely-exclusive content such as the famous Graetoriax the Unbroken (exclusive boss) & Ruins (a dangerous minigame). Not concerned about the end-game content? We got you covered. We offer a massive & engaging Training Zone for our new players. No more wondering, "where
  6. Neos is a #718 RSPS that's geared towards a more immersive experience in an RSPS. Focused on great content, and experiences Neos has a proud upcoming spot in the RSPS scene.Neos has over 25 fully trainable skills, with countless training locations & options to further expand your gameplay. There's no optional XP mode, as there's only x50 experience; it's very unlikely that this'll change either to keep the gameplay more even across the board.Every new player will receive a Mystery Box which will give them a chance at receiving a great to start with.From now until January 23, all new player
  7. Avalon RSPS Official Trailer! We are going to be the BEST UPCOMING NEWEST RSPS VERSION #317. We have been working nonstop for 2 years perfecting every small outcome and want to give the users something different. This upcoming RSPS will blow your socks with the many features we are bringing. We will rival and triumph over all the RSPS servers out there and become #1 but we need your support. Visit https://avalonrsps.com/social-media/ and stay active with our social media for announcements on the release! Watch a short story trailer of AVALONRSPS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1x82DbfmO4
  8. http://skyfire317.com Check our new features below! Spoiler for Skyfire features V2: - Max combat level is 255 - Max skill level is 168 - Warding skill to upgrade your gear - New upgrade zones - Auto train certain skills - Divination skill to gather resources and make bank - Luck skill to help you with adventures - PvM skill to make every boss you fight worth it - Archeology skill that unlocks many useful accessories - Safe gambling - Esc to close interfaces, OSRS hotkeys
  9. WELCOME TO TARTARUS! Tartarus is a private server that has been in development since 2016. Our goal is to bring you the most content packed private server out there! Apart from custom game mechanics, bosses and a completely customized skill, we aimed to keep the original content intact. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? JOIN TARTARUS TODAY! 667 || Loading RS3 || Custom Engineering skill || Upgrade workbench || Cosmetic overrides || Animation overrides || Active community || Character makeover || Pre-EOC || Gambling || PvM || All skills working