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  1. Mally


    Friendly community - Tons of achievements - Custom Bosses - Unique Features - Custom Pets - Trading post - Gambling - Much more CUSTOM SERVER IS BETA. JOIN DISCORD. https://discord.gg/mwFU73Gedq
  2. Nascent is a very fun OSRS based semi custom with an extended end game! come check it out today! released 2022
  3. Xvirtue

    Unholy RSPS

    Welcome to Un-holy! A community filled with driven staff, Community inspired updates with OSRS related content and unique fast experience gaining plus unique features. Features: - Event Bossing - Full Raids Implementation - Bossing and Point Skiiling System - Custom cosmetic affects - Flawless king system - Trading posts - Gambling
  4. Dodian.net takes Dodian to a whole new level of nostalgia, by providing consistent updates that keep the Dodian feel, while still giving it enough content to compete with other servers. Previous Dodian remakes (including this one up until recent) would emulate Dodian and not provide many more updates afterwards leaving the server to die off slowly. With this particular emulation, Dodian already has any remake, as well as unique ideas in the making such as quests, a new skill, a lotto system and a whole new combat system. We are driven by our community, and always try and listen to, and let the community voice their opinions about updates. We come from a tight-knit community and our goal is to make everyone feel welcomed. So, if you feel like reliving nostalgia, or embracing the RSPS life back in 2007, come give us a try! Media Over the past few years there have been quite a few Dodian remakes, even using this particular Domain. I'll leave some of the original media in a spoiler below, but what I really want to focus on is some of the things we have added that are new. I will be consistently updating this thread, as currently the server is getting updated daily.
  5. Custom Bosses⚡️ Custom Weapons/Armor⚡️ Custom Interfaces & HUD⚡️ Runelite Capability⚡️ Never Before Seen Donor Ranks⚡️ Active Staff⚡️ Active Community⚡️ Active Development⚡️ Weekly Updates⚡️ Custom Raids⚡️ Player Owned Shops⚡️ Flawless PVM⚡️ Flawless Skilling⚡️ Complete Slayer⚡️ Full Dungoneering with Interface⚡️ Custom Maps⚡️ Custom Home Area⚡️
  6. 4hunnit


    http://www.vexiouspk.com/img/uniquecontent.png Event Bossing! From time to time a random event boss will spawn for our community to fight! http://www.vexiouspk.com/img/security.png Bossing and Point Skilling System Can't get rich from the rng? We have a unique system to ensure you can experience the most from pvming/skilling. http://www.vexiouspk.com/img/support.png Full Raids Implementation Theatre Of Blood, Chambers of Xeric and custom raids to come experience with your friends.
  7. Eclipse is a custom server that is in The Realm. Weekly Updates | Hundreds of Customs | 29 Bosses | 2 Custom Raids | 8 Minigames | 200+ Online | 25 Custom Interfaces
  8. L4ZY DESIGNS Hello i have been around scene for long time behind scene, I have decided to make a thread due to a lot of requests. https://discord.gg/nRytjKMPhh DISCORD: L4ZY#5873 WEBSITE: UNDER DEVELOPMENT RunescapeOrig Vouch for @L4ZY Highly skilled man, he’s extremely reliable and always provides extremely high quality work! I Recommend Working with him! Malefique @L4ZY This man deserves nothing but respect. Made us maps, interfaces and logo’s. Also while calling and screensharing.. SO FUN TO WATCH! Replies fast, works fast, very helpful and most important, very respectful. Keep it up my man! From Luzox to Ferox to ValinorPK always nice to work with you. Pico fun BIG vouch from me, @L4ZY had made me 6 customs maps ( on live stream ) custom interfaces, logo's and advertising signs and even custom icons for my donator ranks and staff
  9. Drako is a fresh take on an OSRS server, combining experience from custom servers and well grounded OSRS servers. Server features. Endgame content: Fully coded COX, Nightmare, TOB - All of these end game bosses and raids have been rigorously tested and tweaked to ensure a smooth and fun gameplay experience. - Beneficial AFK features: - Fully functional and balanced Woodcutting, Farming, Fishing, Runecrafting, Mining and Hunter can be done while AFK. - AFK shop contain items that benefit skilling xp gain. - Fully coded and expertly designed Worldbosses, including a Voteboss and Donator boss: - Both bosses have been balanced with eco sustainability in mind, whilst still giving benefits to those who support the server and kill the bosses. Balanced boxes to ensure that the impact of donating on the eco is managed appropriately, keeping rarer items obtainable through only grinding. - Boxes will never contain items such as a Scythe of Vitur of Twisted bow to keep them exclusive to those who put in time to play the game. - Custom Barrows minigame: - Barrows has been given adequate QOL updates to ensure the experience is maintained but more enjoyable to cut out the irritating parts of Barrows. Ironman modes, including: Group, Ultimate, Hardcore and Group Hardcore: - Recognizing ironman as a large player demand, all modes have been added and we will always be looking to expand gameplay potential with new, exciting modes. - Suggestions will always be listened to and taken into consideration within the regular staff meetings. Fully fledged active and dedicated staff team: - We believe that the staff team creates the base of the community and pride ourselves in having an interactive and dedicated team to Drako.
  10. WE ARE BACK!! HOMEPAGE | PLAY NOW | DISCORD Dawntained has been in non-stop development for the past few months, with a goal of surpassing all Pk based servers and claiming the #1 spot. Combined with the skills of a remarkable developer, community suggestions and a well planned budget to spend on advertising, Dawntained will dominate the scene. 400+ players during peak Log-in and Pk instantly Quick set-up interface for instant Pking All OSRS items Tournament system, the best Hybrid claims the BM reward and #1 Hybrid title Blacklist a toxic player from attacking you at Edgeville Bots to pk against as practice Profile interface system, search other player's statistics World events spawn every 2 hours to spice things up with bonus rewards Highscores for pures, zerks, ranged tanks, mains Achievements to unlock items and titles Osrs items, bosses & maps Welfare items are free, barrows and above cost blood money Professional client with customization to any revision you love Resizable Many Wild bosses for the best money making methods Pvp tasks, get kills as a pure/zerk/main and claim BM reward after completion Target system Boss pets & Skilling pets All raid items Daily highscores, #1 spot claims 15k Bm reward, different highscores everyday Skilling for skill capes, max capes & some relaxing money making Daily lottery Every OSRS Boss Killstreak skulls CS GO Mystery Boxes F2p protection when F2p pking Placeholders & all bank features Killstreak skulls + Much more content
  11. Forgotten Paradise revision 317 with 667 items bringing quality PvP and PvM content Forgotten Paradise is a quality server utilizing talented developers and resources to ensure the best PvP and PvM experience around. Our team is dedicated team that professionally creates and maintain everyday features and support for the players. Active development, daily fixes. Our staff are very friendly and will provide fast and efficient support when needed. Any bug reports will be dealt immediately and suggestions posted on our forums will be responded to within 12 hours. We aim for the top gameplay experience, becoming the server crafted for players needs. No more lags, crashes, bugs and boredom. * Custom Season Pass * Clan System * 170+ Automatically tameable PETS * Magical Crate Event * OSRS Items * OSRS Revenant Cave * In-Game Name Change * Toggle HD Gameplay * OSRS Sound System * Potion Decanting * Bank Tabs * Full Clan Chat * Perfect Switches & Combat * Active Wildy * Bounty Hunter * Wildy target system * Duo Slayer * Imbued rings * Player Owned Shop * Completionist / Max Capes * Random Voting Rewards * 110+ Achievements * Storm of Armadyl spell * Lottery System * Multi Dwarf Cannon All combat skills Construction Dungeoneering Prayer RuneCrafting Agility Herblore Thieving Crafting Fletching Slayer Hunter Mining Smithing Fishing Cooking Firemaking Woodcutting Farming Summoning * Duel Arena - No exploit - Random PID - FAIR PLAY * Last Man Standing * Castle Wars * Soul Wars * Clan Wars * Wildywyrm * Shooting Star * Pest Control * Barrows * Tzhaar * Warrior's Guild * Penguin Hunt * Fight Pits * Wilderness Treasure - Wildy keys * Fishing Contest * All Dungeoneering Bosses * Zulrah * Barrelchest * Godwars * Tormented Demons * Corporeal Beast * Dagganoth Kings * Nex * Bandos Avatar * Nomad * Giant Mole * King Black Dragon - Wildy * Chaos Elemental - Wildy * Avatar of Destruction - Wildy * Scorpia - Wildy * Callisto - Wildy * Venenantis - Wildy
  12. Come join today #1 OSRS PVP RSPS
  13. Credits to Mige for the awesome base.
  14. Completely Custom RSPS With Raids, Minigames, Bosses, & More!
  15. Welcome to Edgeville ⚔️ Edgeville is a 317 server loading higher revision data, we aim our game to be nothing less than perfect, for any user, Skiller, Player Killer, PvMer, Achievements, Hunter and competitive players. At Edgeville we strive for perfection, we understand even the smallest bug is important. Stay up to date with our 📊-updates channel, we aim to be entirely transparent with our entire community. ⚔️ Our dedicated team at Edgeville comes with a vast amount of experience and professionalism and are always looking to help, even us owners will dedicate a portion of our busy day to come ingame and answer questions and communicate with the players. ⚔️ So come join us, check us out and see what you are missing out on. We are full of unique fun content and you may even make a friend or two. ✔️ Our promises ✔️ We will never add content that the community does not wish to see ingame, everything is up for the players! We want to make this game the most enjoyable RuneScape Private Server to date (perhaps in history). If you notice a bug/glitch, please post it in our 🐞-report-a-bug channel! If it’s account related, feel free to open a support ticket in our 🎫-open-ticket channel. Some popular features of our server: 💎 Daily Updates💎 💎 Active community forum💎 💎 Active staff in game💎 💎 Hosted on top-of-the-line dedicated servers💎 💎 Fully functional bank tabs💎 💎 Complete clan chat system [All ranks, Correct RS Lootshare]💎 💎 Flawless combat💎 💎 Dwarf Multicannon💎 💎 120+ Achievements/Diaries [Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite]💎 💎 Instant open Clue Scrolls💎 💎 Perfected farming💎 💎 All skills working💎 💎 Jad/Kiln, Barrows, Duel arena, Pest control, Fight Pits minigames💎 💎 15 boss including Zulrah, Kraken, all Godwars Dungeon, Corporal Beast, Hespori & wilderness bosses💎 💎 Raids 1 & 2💎 💎 All boss pets💎 💎 Tons of titles💎 💎 Max cape and Completionist cape💎 💎 Particules💎 It’s gonna be huge! https://discord.gg/Wtc3bpJMh4
  16. Welcome aboard to the advertisement thread of Fremennik, never heard of us? That's totally fine! Because we are in still in beta stages. We need a few beta testers to help us out. If you are willing to sign up for the closed beta, join our discord server and sign up for it. Once we are releasing you will receive a unique beta tester rank. Features: [*]Latest OSRS data [*]717 animations [*]Squeal of Fortune [*]Instanced slayer [*]Item fusion system [*]Weekly updates and patches [*]Customizable client [*]Amazing interfaces [*]Friendly and active staff [*]Different game modes Amazing login screen: H'ween event till 9th of November: Easy and efficient trading post system: Customizable client, play how you like it: Item fusion system: Collection log: Skill guides: - Custom revenant caves: Fully working price checker: World map:
  17. farchest


    new server I am working on some stuff, started off with local host with me and my girlfriend playing together now we wanted others to play. website : http://farchest.com/ Discord : download : [https://www.dropbox.com/s/p655710dp2rcl3y/Farchest.jar?dl=1 http://farchest.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Home.png http://farchest.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/hour-box.png http://farchest.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/trading-post.png http://farchest.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/max-cape-effects.png http://farchest.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/vote-shop.png
  18. Mini-Me Pet System Custom Perk System Advanced Progression Custom Knowledge Skill Item Tier Upgrade System Re-worked Combat System 15 Different Equipment Slots Item Blood Transfusion System Server-Wide Custom Task System Many Game Modes To Choose From Incredible Variety Of Custom Maps Custom Slayer System and Tower The Most Unique Custom Raids Cosmetic Override Skin System Custom Special Attack System Equipment Preset System
  19. Chill Scape is a 718/742 also loading OSRS. We have tons of content including multiples bosses, raids, a lot of different gear, custom zones, minigames and all working skills.
  20. Runelite+ | All OSRS Bosses | Best Pking Mechanics to touch a RSPS | Custom Donator Zones | Active Pking + Pvming Events | Very unique PKing system | Pking is very rewarding ! Novite is a Brand New OSRS Server that offers a stable Economy with the Best Combat & Pathing system you will ever seen in Runescape Private Server. We offer the best for not only Pkers but PVMers as well! Come check us out and be apart of this amazing community! https://discord.gg/dnH5E4SvrA https://www.novite.io/forums/
  21. 300$ Free For All PK Tournament EVERY WEEKEND! Participate Now. 100M OSRSGP / PAYPAL GIVEAWAYS EVERY WEEK!
  22. Welcome to Enchanta! the highest quality custom RSPS out there! Enchanta has a team that is highly dedicated to do big things and won't settle for anything less. Join one of the most unique custom RSPS today! Media
  23. Terrarium is here! Semi-custom OSRS RSPS - Recently released - Dedicated staff - Unique and efficient home area - Custom teleport interface - Unique Casino - Daily updates - 10+ minigames - Multiple gamemodes - Active playerbase - Daily tasks: PVM and Skilling