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Found 13 results

  1. Mini-Me Pet System Custom Perk System Advanced Progression Custom Knowledge Skill Item Tier Upgrade System Re-worked Combat System 15 Different Equipment Slots Item Blood Transfusion System Server-Wide Custom Task System Many Game Modes To Choose From Incredible Variety Of Custom Maps Custom Slayer System and Tower The Most Unique Custom Raids Cosmetic Override Skin System Custom Special Attack System Equipment Preset System
  2. Chill Scape is a 718/742 also loading OSRS. We have tons of content including multiples bosses, raids, a lot of different gear, custom zones, minigames and all working skills.
  3. Runelite+ | All OSRS Bosses | Best Pking Mechanics to touch a RSPS | Custom Donator Zones | Active Pking + Pvming Events | Very unique PKing system | Pking is very rewarding ! Novite is a Brand New OSRS Server that offers a stable Economy with the Best Combat & Pathing system you will ever seen in Runescape Private Server. We offer the best for not only Pkers but PVMers as well! Come check us out and be apart of this amazing community! https://discord.gg/dnH5E4SvrA https://www.novite.io/forums/
  4. 300$ Free For All PK Tournament EVERY WEEKEND! Participate Now. 100M OSRSGP / PAYPAL GIVEAWAYS EVERY WEEK!
  5. Welcome to Enchanta! the highest quality custom RSPS out there! Enchanta has a team that is highly dedicated to do big things and won't settle for anything less. Join one of the most unique custom RSPS today! Media
  6. Dream


    Play Now | Website | Discord INTRODUCTION Hello to the community on here! 06-Scape is a 2006 based (377 to be specific) server that is more towards to a remake but not too strict since it has some quality of life changes such as mouse wheel scrolling. Dream and Chandler, the owners and developers have cooperated on this project for a couple of months with their respective knowledge of the game and specifically the rs2 era, when mashing up eachothers servers into 1. 06-Scape's goal is to bring players with the interest of Oldschool runescape and build a great and fun experience!
  7. Terrarium is here! Semi-custom OSRS RSPS - Recently released - Dedicated staff - Unique and efficient home area - Custom teleport interface - Unique Casino - Daily updates - 10+ minigames - Multiple gamemodes - Active playerbase - Daily tasks: PVM and Skilling
  8. Orvii


  9. HectateRsps -= Features and more! =- - Custom home for a unique experience - Karuulm Dungeon - Chambers of Xeric - Alchemical Hydra - Inferno - Perfect Revenant Caves and Wilderness - The most up to date data revisions - Hand crafted economy - Perfected many of the various skills ---------------------------------------------------------------- - Hydra's - Chambers of Xeric - Inferno Boss fight in this release is roughly 90% - All TOB weapons - Some combat changes / rework ---------------------------------------------------------------- - Many sk
  10. RoyalPS launches this summer! We are already growing fast on discord and elsewhere. We aim on becoming the next big custom RSPS. We will have everything a great server has to do in order to become successful. Please join our discord already and join our weekly based OSGP giveaways. The release will be awesome ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. If you're looking to advertise your Private Server you're at the right adress! I make reliable cheap quality advertisement videos for you, and I'm an easy person to communicate with. I'm currently only working with a select group of servers, I'm sorry! If you have an interesting project or server and you think I should know about it feel free to have a chat with me! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Watch out for imposters, make sure to double check my Discord tag or ask for a verify through rune-server or my channel. Note The fact that I offer this service doesn't mean I make video's for any server.
  12. Join us at Intensity-ps.com Welcome to the project thread of Intensity! We are an economy server with a lot of OSRS content added! Intensity is owned by myself and a close friend of mine, we've been working along side each other for quiet some time now. We're working very hard to make sure everything is up to par and going to be enjoyable for everyone! We're not releasing something that's half done, and unplayable. Lots of media to be added very soon! Some features of Intensity that are added or in the development stages to be added in the very near future are listed b