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Exilium - Heavily Modified 317 RSPS

Welcome to the Exilium Experience!


Join our  BETA Today, and get a taste of what we're talking about! 


In the world of Exilium, we will provide: 

-An entirely new combat experience to RSPS, favoring the AFK factors in everything.


-Skill mats STACK! Our aim is to create a mostly full AFK environment, as well as an interactive.


-Many unseen combat upgrades/perks! Completely new armour tier system and upgrades


-Cannons with multiple Loader upgrades to boost cannon capacity and raise AFK time


-MANY Updates soon to come! Active hosting;Constant updates.


Discord: https://discord.gg/Scnhd6jPC8

Website: https://exilium.godaddysites.com/