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  1. bigblocky


    Welcome to Volaris • Engaging and Interactive Staff Team • 5 Tiers Of Achievements • 200+ Unique Monsters • Custom Raid Mechanics • Daily + Weekly Events • F-Keys + Hover Stats • Healthy Economy • Fully Free to Play • Daily Task Rewards • Insane Starter Tasks Join Our Discord Here: https://discord.gg/YDQUx8TxV6 Visit Our Website + Wiki: https://volaris.live/ http://volaris.wiki/ Volaris | Active 350+ Players | Community Driven Updates | 50+ Custom Zones | Hundreds of Unique Bosses | No Bull Shit |Free to Play | Daily Events | 30+ Custom Pets | Custom Skill
  2. OVERLOAD RSPS -- 317/202 -- CUSTOM --Custom Home & Skilling Zones --Custom Items and Upgrading --Multiple Raids including custom raids -- Over 20 bosses -- Bounty Hunter & Wilderness Events --Achievements / Skill Achievements --Collection Logs --Ironman/Hardcore Ironman --Fully working Skills --Daily Tasks --Gambling --Staking/Dueling --Runelite HD --Keybinding --Presets --Custom Highscores --Constantly Updating --Constantly adjusting Economy --Dedicated Staff & Developer
  3. DAILY #giveaways Posted in Discord - AFK tree - WorldBoss & much more - Earn Real Paypal Tickets! Tons of websites - Snowscape.org | SnowPS.org | -= Website : https://snowscape.net -= Discord : https://discord.gg/Rt7VnnS -= Donate : https://www.snowrsps.com/store -= Vote : https://www.snowrsps.com/vote Snow RSPS [317 loading 602 Graphics] Brand new RSPS Lot of content and custom content! ---------------------------------------------- CUSTOM BOSSES! - Thanos - Ragnarok - Donald Trump - Bob Marley - Pac-Man - Ant-Man - Iron-Man - Zelda --------------------------------------------------------- - Serengod equipment! - All drygore equipment! - Masterworker equipment! - Accension equipment! - Khopesh equipment! - Superior vesta! - Dragon rider equipment! - Ring of death / Hydrix ring / Hazelmere's ring! - Divination skill! - Fully community discord! - GWD [ includes : Bandos, Zamorak, Saradomin, Armadyl - GWD-2 [ includes: Helwyr, Greg, Vind, Furies! ] ------------------------------------------------------------- - About 25 custom perks! [ example: No GWD kc required anymore! ] - Alot of custom pets! [ with a perk they can help attack! ] - Very decent home! ::home - Every 12 hour nice VOTE rewards - 11 different slayer masters! Fully custom slayer rewards! Also has a [ slayer perk ] - Fully working [ Clan system! ] - Prestige system! -= Website : https://www.snowrsps.com -= Discord : https://discord.gg/Rt7VnnS -= Donate : https://www.snowrsps.com/store -= Vote : https://www.snowrsps.com/vote Join now we are looking for staff members and Normal players!
  4. Welcome to Glacyte. We are the only rising fully custom server with a clean look and that real fantasy feel. That means no recycled recolours, no unfitting monsters or items. We are a place where you can come and have that traditional Runescape feel without being completely overwhelmed by everything that’s going on. With uncapped hitmarkers, you can be expecting to deal some naughty damage to our many bosses, or even fly through our NPC zones at the speed of light in order to earn yourself some tasty rewards. We are a brand new server and are growing rapidly – You can expect an experience like never before over here on Glacyte. Wanting to make your character as strong as possible? Well with our unique relic system, you can obtain passive benefits to enhance your gameplay, from damage boosts, to double vote points, to skilling boosts all the way up to increasing your attack speed! And the best part? You are not level locked or donator locked from any of these relics, log in and head straight to agility to take your chances at the SUPERSONIC relic, increasing all damage output by 15% and increasing your attack speed by not 1… but 2! Still not feeling strong enough? Most equipment found in Glacyte can be disassembled into upgrade tokens, which are used alongside other components to craft some brand new and extremely powerful equipment. You’ll be wanting to work towards getting our Gloves of the Damned, with +160 in all styles, you are sure to send fear down the spine of your opponent. We also understand that everyone has busy lives these days, which is why we are bringing in our brand new AFK zone. This is a place where you can AFK for an unlimited amount of time and earn AFK tokens to buy some fancy cosmetics or even mystery boxes! AFK zone not enough? As you rise through our donator ranks, you will be able to AFK gathering skills for a limited amount of time, such as fishing, as our highest rank, you can catch up to 1000 fish at once! Don’t usually donate? Well don’t you worry! For our dedicated players who partipate in voteboss events and general skilling, you have a chance to obtain random donator scrolls, meaning you can go to bed AFK and wake up to a free donator rank! Along side this we see the introduction of our first set of AoE weapons, which are easy enough to grab for new players, log in and head on over to the ::icezone to get started! On MONDAY 12TH SEPTEMBER we are releasing our fantastic RuneLite client, with a bunch of plugins including the 117HD plugin so completely change your gameplay experience, so sit tight and be excited for that! Don’t forget to join our discord where we host frequent giveaways for all players to access! What are you waiting for?
  5. The best Custom RSPS you can ever play. We offer content from Tier 1 to 40. Lots of fun to be had with your friends.
  6. WEBSITE - AutoScape.org DISCORD ALWAYS ACTIVE - DISCORD WE ARE A BRAND NEW SERVER COMING BACK FROM TAKING A BREAK FROM THE SCENE, WE WELCOME ALL NEW PLAYERS AND RECRUITING STAFF! 🙂 ---------------- Overview Server style: We are a strong economy based server. You can skill or train combat to gain the best weapons and become rich and known on the server. You will even be rewarded donator points for receiving a level 99. With 25+ Skills and active prestiging(reset for points) You can skill 4 Donator points all day long! The donator store is for everyone and ensures you have an equal chance of gaining every item in the game. Help you get a jump-start on the BIS(best in slot) gear! Loyal players will receive hourly boxes for playing and loot boxes for leveling up certain skills. If you are a member of the community and join one of our events you will be satisfied with the outcome and take home prizes daily! Goals: We aim to be an active community driven RuneScape Private Server. AutoScape plans on integrating OSRS latest items and functionality. We want to bring Quest and Adventure back to RSPS. With a strong community focused on improving eachothers gameplay we can accomplish this. We have dedicated forums for listening to players suggestions and bug reports and are committed to making your ideas appear in-game as frequently as possible. Uptime: The server never goes down the only reason It goes down is because of a large update or server restart. Your accounts are backed up on an encrypted cloud server! AutoScape Staff: We carefully chose our staff from different timezones around the globe to ensure their is always help nearby. We now select applicants who have skill, patience and dedication towards the game. GamePlay: PVP: Player vs player combat in AutoScape is really great for a runescape private server. You will rarely find any bugs and if you do so, do not hesitate to report it to any of our staff. We have many pk locations to teleport to. If you enjoy pking we have wilderness bosses that pvm'ers often frequent for PKP ticket drops. You decide who lives. We also have a Rev cave with amazing rare drops! (Tournament style weapons such as statius's, vesta's, zuriels, morrigan's) Minigames: There are many minigames in AutoScape and they are all fun and greatly done and they all have great rewards. We currently have Shayzien Assault with valuable prizes just around every 10 kills, Godwars, Barrows, Pest Control, Fight Caves, Inferno, Clan Wars, Warriors guild, RAIDS! Come out to test them! Skilling: All skills work on this server! It has few things to be done in it aswell but we are working on it and making the skills better. We have now redone cooking,fishing,thieving. If your a skiller, AutoScape is the PERFECT place for you! We have dedicated members of the community battling for the top spot on the HiScores! With 3 different game-modes, normal, iron-man, and hard-core iron-man. A REAL Economy: Economy, is the most important things of the server, In AutoScape there is a REAL economy. Some items are harder to get, Some easier. You can get yourself money either skilling,pking or Killing monsters for good drops. Loot boxes will be rewarded by gaining skill levels. You can also go for the rare drops to the boss monsters that there are. Cant donate? No problem if you receive any level 99 you will also receive 2 Donator PTS (2$). With 25+ Skills and a bonus for maxing and prestiging, You will become wealthy and be able to go after any boss, or player! And that makes the gameplay even more enjoyable! http://autoscape.org/kraken.png
  7. Lunite

    Lunite RSPS

    #1 Custom RSPS - 300+ Players Always!
  8. *Vote mystery box for every vote* Join Ancestral today to begin your journey along with an influx of new players adding to an already solid community! Join our community Discord with over 400 MEMBERS! runique.io
  9. Brand NEW Live 718 RSPS Loading OSRS & Custom Content The #1 Economy Experience - Play Now - Play Now (BACKUP) - Website - Discord Group - Instagram - Crazy DAILY RS3/OSRS GP Giveaways! All you have to do to be automatically entered is play 1 hour that day. Join the discord for giveaway winners! View our Instagram to view all our latest updates as well! Stay in touch with us a lot easier with social media. Welcome to Mistex, one of the most well developed Runescape private servers. Hosted by a professional team of developers and experienced staff members, We are keeping all our players satisfied by pushing out updates and organizing server events with beautiful rewards. Train all your skills and earn your max cape. Complete achievements, slay one of the many bosses or battle with others in the wilderness. Play mini-games. There is active gambling and we are always pushing out new content from Custom to OSRS. Play the the game completely free, link above. Halloween Event Custom Gamble Zone New Blood Money Boss (Azazel) Custom Staff Zone for the comfort of our staff Armour Upgrades Angel of Death custom boss Castlewars Indicated letting you know when well of goodwill is active OSRS Minigame quest tab now working to easily access minigames. Unlimited pet upgrades Group ironman friend panel Deep wilderness revenants Wilderness weapons upgrade (Craws bow (T)) Daily login rewards Theatre of blood Chambers of Xeric Gambling Daily rewards given Alert System for easier notices Auto-Donation Auto-Vote with Top Voter of the Month Forums integration Vorkath Zulrah Cerberus Ironman Group ironman Group Slayer All skills working correctly Loads of Interface Re-work (upfront appearance) Loads of time in development Fixed all player bolts, now useable. (ex: dragon, dragonstone dragon bolts (e) and their effects, etc) Added in likely highly used PvP armours. Spacious home, organized npcs and minimized the amount of data used in just the home area. Client work, lot of client lag reduces Alchemical Hydra ::toggle command, makes it easier to auto-pickup items (caskets, crystal keys, and more.) Crafting & Fletching the new armors & weapons all works properly. No bugs, and complete smoothness. Loyalty points system, gives you points for being logged in. Rewards the BEST range armour in the game. Automatic donation deals given upon ::claim 0% - 50% - Play Now - Play Now (BACKUP) - Website - Discord Group - Instagram -
  10. Revolutionpkz custom server with a twist Join the discord: https://discord.gg/5q8QVSMVDu server currently in BETA! features: NPC transformation All skills are being reworked Upgrade skill NPC + Bossing pets Player owned shops Custom pest control Wildy bosses 4 types of slayer Skilling event Shooting star event Evil tree event Portable chairs (sit anywhere ingame) https://prnt.sc/tUdpluv9ruqN Custom bossing Dyes for armour/weapons Custom items
  11. Huge custom 317
  12. Custom Bosses⚡️ Custom Weapons/Armor⚡️ Custom Interfaces & HUD⚡️ Runelite Capability⚡️ Never Before Seen Donor Ranks⚡️ Active Staff⚡️ Active Community⚡️ Active Development⚡️ Weekly Updates⚡️ Custom Raids⚡️ Player Owned Shops⚡️ Flawless PVM⚡️ Flawless Skilling⚡️ Complete Slayer⚡️ Full Dungoneering with Interface⚡️ Custom Maps⚡️ Custom Home Area⚡️
  13. 4hunnit


    http://www.vexiouspk.com/img/uniquecontent.png Event Bossing! From time to time a random event boss will spawn for our community to fight! http://www.vexiouspk.com/img/security.png Bossing and Point Skilling System Can't get rich from the rng? We have a unique system to ensure you can experience the most from pvming/skilling. http://www.vexiouspk.com/img/support.png Full Raids Implementation Theatre Of Blood, Chambers of Xeric and custom raids to come experience with your friends.
  14. SIMPLICITY Our forums can be found here: Forums. Website https://simplicityps.org/?ref=rlio-vote Download https://simplicityps.org/play.html
  15. Eclipse is a custom server that is in The Realm. Weekly Updates | Hundreds of Customs | 29 Bosses | 2 Custom Raids | 8 Minigames | 200+ Online | 25 Custom Interfaces
  16. Placeholder 😈
  17. Decimate


    About Decimate: Decimate is a fully custom 317 sever built off custom models/content/maps/interfaces, all that fun stuff you will not find in most other servers. COME JOIN THE FUN! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tb5bEF6ojc Custom content: -100% scam free Gamble zone with flower poker, 55x2, dice duel all automated! - Bossing/Gear locking system - Over 40+ custom bosses - Upgrade items interface/system - Custom skilling pets! FIREMAKING PET FISHING PET FARMING PET WOODCUTTING PET - 100% Solo/+5 man Raids system with 1 raid in game right now, plenty more in the works! Raid System - Automated Donations + voting. - All skilling working flawlessly. - Over 500 custom models. - recently added a total of 8 Aoe weapons all different tiers/styles. Aoe Weapon Effects - 6 New ultra bosses all LOL league Champions with special mechanics to them! LOL Ultra bosses - over 150+ different skilling tasks you can complete for skilling shards. Decimate does weekly updates every Saturday to keep the content flowing. How to play?: Visit our website at http://decimate.io or can visit our discord channel http://discord.gg/cmmVe7Mmsh download the launcher and your ready to play!
  18. Genesis is the original server that started The Realm. The Genesis dimension is a Custom 317 server with endless hours of content that focuses on grinding PvM, achievements, Global Events! By hiring professional modelers and developers we have implemented unique bossing and slayer with an awesome rewards system. Custom RSPS | 3 Global Bosses | 2 Raids | 30+ Bosses | 6 Custom Minigames | Advanced Slayer | Mystery Boxes | Daily Tasks | Reward List | Item List | Collection Log | Advanced Drop List | Survivalist Game Mode | 200+ Custom Items
  19. Completely Custom RSPS With Raids, Minigames, Bosses, & More!
  20. Insanity Realm is a custom 317 Private Server. We've been in development for quite some time and are looking forward to seeing you in-game! Website: https://insanityrealm.com/ Development Dashboard: https://open.codecks.io/ir Discord: https://discord.gg/insanityrealm
  21. Homepage || Downloads || Forum || Discord Server we are relaunching on 1st of december 2021 join the discord for updates Welcome to WildyPK a OSRS Spawn and Pking Server Bosses: The nightmare, Alchemical Hydra, Vorkath, Cerberus, Zulrah, Godwars, Corporeal Beast, Custom Abomination boss , Custom Barrows rise of six boss and all wilderness bosses Features: Anti scam gambling, Weapon Updates & Enchanting, Duel arena, custom high risk area (all items drops regardless), PKing Tournaments (1v1) , shooting stars, custom items Custom Items: Items like the korasi sword and ring of vigour, Torva and Recolours of justicar and Ancestral with better stats aswell as upgradeable rings and weapons with better stats and effects And loads More..
  22. cybersck


    Open Beta Now Live! Welcome, be one of the first to join and participate in our Bug Bounty program for rewards. Sign up during the beta and get a $5 bond and mystery box. Get a head a start on the competition for what is sure to be one of the best up and coming servers out there. Over 1,000 Hours of development in and we're just getting started. Should Odin find you worthy, you may join us in Valhalla