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RuneRealm - The #1 RSPS Community


60+ Bosses & 100+ Pets!

RuneRealm has a vast variety of additions to OSRS, many custom skilling pets and outfits, for each skill at least one, providing experience boosts in their respective skills!

Many bosses with their own Collection logs and unique rewards!


Custom RuneLite client & OpenGL HD

Our own custom client with similair plugins to the infamous RuneLite, but without allowing player made plugins.

We have full GPU support, HD, Menu swappers, NPC markers, Tile markers, Exp trackers and calculators, even a Custom Highscores lookup tool!

Our 35+ existing plugins will have what you need, if not a simple feature request will get it implemented.


4+ Years of Development means this is the most CONTENT PACKED server out there!

Different Gamemodes
Besides the already familiar Ironman, Hardcore and Ultimate Ironman mode, we also have an Extreme mode available for each of them.
Being an Extreme player will decrease your XP rates to 1/5th of a normal player, but you will have the additional bonus of a 20% Rare Drop rate boost!

Unique Points System
Participating in PvM, Bossing or Skilling will provide you additional points which can be spend in their designated shops to unlock even more cool rewards!

We have so much more to offer, but you should find that out by yourself!


Unique Custom Home


160+ Pets and Special Pet Effects
We have over 160 different pets, some of which have very unique effects, for example soulsplit like effects or xp/accuracy boosts.
You can toggle from your pet effect menu (you will unlock this effect as soon as you have the pet follow you atleast once, then you can use the effect with any pet you like for cosmetic purposes).
With our pet storage system you can deposit and withdraw your pets from anywhere, making a pet hunt also fun for UIM.


Prestige Abilities
After prestiging a skill you will earn prestige points, that can later be used to unlock passive abilities to even further assist you in your adventures, like doubling the amount of cannonballs your cannon can hold, an amulet of aggression that will turn any non-aggro monster near you aggressive, or a boost for your rare drop rates!


Full Slayer Task Extensions
One-time purchase and you can individually toggle the extensions forever


Custom Donator Zones






Theatre of Blood


Alchemical Hydra


Ethereal Revenant and Armour
The Ethereal Revenant and many more custom bosses