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Found 3 results

  1. Dusk RSPS

    Dusk RSPS

    Custom Starter Zone | Custom Bosses | Custom Maps | Custom Minigames | Daily Tasks + Interface | Achievement System | Custom Interfaces | Custom Mystery Boxes | Battlepass System | Daily Login Rewards
  2. Lunite

    Lunite RSPS

    #1 Custom RSPS - 300+ Players Always!
  3. Welcome to DreamScape! Dreamscape is the number one custom RSPS. We have so much content added for you. It will be the ultimate player experience for you. Join us and see how it is to be on one of a kind RSPS. We give everything for our players. We have so much content and features added it will take you weeks, maybe months to see everything we have! Join today for free. DreamScape has an unique Soul System that replaces all the bad ( useless) drops with a specific soul. Collect 200 souls to convert it to a BOSS key, use this key at the special designed Soul room. The boss room contains the chests of each boss, use the key on the boss chest to have a chance on a rare / ultra rare. Besides the regular prestige system that goes up to 30 prestige levels, we also have a unique slayer prestige system. is the #1 Gambling / dicing server. Automated system & manual system are available ! Raids including Voldemort, Vendura & The OG Dragon TOP 3 players damage get drop, other multi bosses have a loot share system. is the leading custom server with constant new customs being. 2000+ Custom Items (Weapons, Armour, & Items included. Custom gear sets Custom Bosses (Obtain custom items by defeating bosses around the world Minigames; Castle wars, Barrows, Etc. Fully active Castle Wars with all the pvping minigame experience. 100+ Players Online 24/7 Custom Quests; A Dreamers Passion, Etc. Each achievement gains points that would be used in the Achievement Point Shop. 24/7 Active Support Weekly Updates; Lists of 20+ Features Always new and improved content, items, patches, and more. Suggestions are always viewed for further improvements from community aswell. Active community forums; Very active, with a shoutbox All useful bank tabs, with drag and create bank tab fully working. Set your Yell Tag/Yell Color/Yell Custom Name Titles All avalible yell colors/ shades with many of combinations. Lunars, Ancients, Curses Prayers< Edgeville has all avalible altars to change your prayers, mage book, and guilded altars.