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Dusk v1.0 || Elite #RS2 Experience

Welcome to Dusk.
With tons of bug-free content, an active community and a great staff & development team, Dusk is undeniably the best RSPS on the market.

1.		Community
		The community here at Dusk is friendly and open to newcomers. We've been growing at a quick pace that is uncomparable to most servers.

2.		Grand Exchange
		The grand exchange here at Dusk makes bartering goods simple! You can receive money for goods even while you're offline.

3.		Nightmare Zone
		Train your combat stats or receive great rewards in our nightmare zone by killing beasts, unlocking powerups, and fighting to your death.
4.		Quests
		Bonus features can be unlocked by completing quests, such as access to pets, lunar diplomacy wardrobes, and more.
5.		Wilderness Activity
		Here at Lotica we understand the importance of an active wilderness. With tons of benefits in the wilderness, there is always something lurking in the shadows.
Start your adventure today!
Play at www.dusk.rs