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NebulaScape – 317 – Old School Fun!

NebulaScape – 317 – Old School Fun!

The main point of NebulaScape is to bring a little bit of fun back to private servers some mini-games will be require you to grind others won’t, my aim for this project is for our players to have fun. The game items up to raids within but most of these aren’t obtainable yet these will come into the game via bosses. I want to make it clear that I’m not looking for donations but as you know the costs for running the server can be pricey so if you’re happy to donate then you will be reward!


-          Donator drop rates/Zone/Easy Runecrafting

-          Mini-games(Torso Mini-game,Jad)

-          Fresh Eco, no sharks/prayer potions in shops

-          Event bosses

-          Barrows spawn on hills(drops keys)

-          JAD, selection of waves

-          Twisted bow can be obtain in-game from Skotizio

-          Discord Alerts

-          No game-modes