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Aurora - A unique take on OSRS


Aurora is a Semi-Custom OSRS based RSPS focused around bringing a unique and fun experience to the game we all love. On Aurora you’ll find a fine mix between custom and 1:1 OSRS content that has been blended together to create our community’s ideal server. We have spent numerous weeks talking with our community and staff working out a way to provide players with various game styles including immediate access to PvP. While we pride ourselves in introducing OSRS content as close to 1:1 as possible we are by no means an emulation of OSRS but we will do our best to keep up to date for our PvM community looking for those activities.

Aurora offers a wide variety of engaging content including world events, automated tournaments, one of if not the most detailed wilderness expansions, Chambers of Xeric & Theater of Blood, and so much more for you to tackle.
You can read more in-depth on a lot of our content on our Wiki here

Getting started on Aurora

  • Aurora as mentioned above has a heavy focus on PvP while maintaining a strong economy allowing for a healthy balance between our PvP/M communities! When starting out at Aurora you will have the option to start playing the game normally like most RSPS with a typical grind adventure or by selecting our easiest XP (x500) rate on Normal you will have access to basic pvp gear immediately to get into the wild almost immediately. This game mode will also have the option to set their combat levels following achieving level 99 allowing for pkers to pick and choose their play style.


  • All items given to these accounts have a value of zero, meaning they can be purchased by all modes for free.



Starting Area
[*]Clean starting location filled with unique areas for players to engage in our content while getting started with Aurora. At the home you'll find access to your basic things such as slayer masters, thieving, skilling and much more. Below is some media and information on some of those things!

The west section of our home houses The Great Vault Chest room houses where players will return their world event keys for awesome rewards, thieving access, and then some skilling resources to the southwest!


The east section of the home houses the combat building which holds important aspects of Aurora, this includes the automated tournament system as well as our item enchanting and upgrading stations. Below the combat building you'll find our gambling zone which will house automated gambling once we release those games.


The south portion of our home houses our AFK-Zone which is limited to 12 hours, and can only be accessed by voting (This means access to afk skilling coincides with your daily voting), our LMS mini-game as well as access to construction and our slayer masters.

World events are a major focal point here on Aurora, we have a strong belief that content that involves players to come together is great for our community. We house some of the most unique world events out there in RSPS from Capture the Flag, Hold the Fort and many more completed and coming soon.
We also have a rotating pair of BI-Hourly events that will give a boost to one skill & minigame/event throughout the day to make some grinds less tough.


Wilderness Expansion
[*]On Aurora we house one of if not the most in-depth wilderness expansions out there in RSPS today. You'll be able to tackle several new bosses with unique drops, hunt out by the corrupted revs, take advantage of the wilderness resource area 2 for bonus experience and or take part in various wilderness events.



Detailed Information on Events

  • The Fragment of Seren

The Fragment of Seren is the most difficult world boss currently on Aurora to tackle. Seren fights with a standard range attack while also randomly unleashing three different special attacks at random. The first of her three potential abilities will teleport all players one tile away from her to unleash a powerful AOE melee attack to any player within one tile, 3 seconds after being teleported. The second will spawn a clone of herself, which if not destroyed quickly will begin to mimic potential attacks of Seren. The third potential ability will spawn four crystals in the area, which if not destroyed quickly will begin to rapidly tick heal her. Ignoring the healing crystals will be your demise! Defeating Seren will reward players with a great vault key as well as potential loot.



Hold the Fort

Hold the Fort will be the newest wilderness world event on Aurora located at Rogues Castle in the deep wilderness which will occur every two hours. The main objective is for a player to defend the Orb that spawns on the second floor of the castle for X amount of time (The time will depend on how many total players are near/within the region of the Castle to help avoid it being abused as much we can). The first player to click on the orb, will then need to defend the orb from being clicked on by other players. If another player clicks on the orb, the game system will announce whom is now in control of the orb in a broadcast message. A new timer will also be set for the new controller of the orb. The player that successfully defends and holds control of the orb until the timer expires will win a prize (prize to be determined). If there is no declared winner 15 minutes after the orb spawns, the event will end.


Capture the Flag

[*]The Capture the Flag world event is a dangerous event located in the deep wilderness of Aurora. Once every hour, a large black flag will spawn at one of ten possible locations in the deep wilderness. The objective of this world event is quite simple. Pick up the flag, and return it to the Arena Grand Master located in the PvP building in the Home area. Although the objective of this event is simple, completing it successfully will not be an easy task. The flag carrier will be unable to use any teleportation devices or spells, and their base stats will be lowered to level 1 until the flag has been returned to the Arena Grand Master, or dies trying.


Deadman's Chest


Below I'll include some general media of some of our smaller content as well as some of the things you would expect to find on most RSPS these days.

General Media