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Rune Divinity 718 | Pre-EOC

Rune Divinity is a brand new inovative 718 Pre-EOC server that has unique features such as Custom Skill Prestiging, Custom Donator features...Everything else is made to be as close to real RuneScape back in 2011/2012. The staff team is dedicated to bringing what the player base wants the game to be and we strive to make the game as enjoyable as possible.

The server offers 24/7 uptime, only downtime will be maintenance for updates otherwise you get to enjoy the server at its best. Every weekend will be double xp as we understand some people have jobs during the week.

Every skill has their own teleports for ease of access, Slayer tasks will have their own teleport to make it easier as a whole.

Fully working Comp and Max capes

T90 weaponry and armor

Unique Prestiging system making the game never a dull moment.

Hiscores based off of Prestiging for the competitive aspect.

Every boss added and all working flawless combatscripts

Xp rates are x75 for Skilling and x85 for Combat

Skilling outfits gained by training said skills

Fully functional Construction with house interactions for most objects.

Looking for active members and staff that will fit my team.

Come on in and give the community a try, be a part of a growing community!