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Hello everyone.


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Hello everyone, I go by Kharyrll.

I've been searching around for a nice community to join with an active, growing group of people and I feel like this one is looking nice. I’ve spent quite some time browsing the web for decent communities with upstanding goals and a good team of people and I feel that’s something you really should take into consideration before deciding to join the group or not  

I recently resigned as a Community Manager on another server/site due to reason I won't go into, just because I don't like to "talk about people" behind their backs, that’s not how I was raised nor do I take part in that type of thing. 

I've taken part in a couple servers and groups in my time, and filled about every position there is to fill as far as being on the staff team.

I also ran my own server for a few years, took care of all the development and advertising by myself as well, I've got about 4 years of development experience.


But all of that aside, I look forward to sticking around to see Runelist grow, I have a good feeling this is a really good thing and will take off with a great outcome in the near future!

Feel free to reach out to me for whatever reason even just to chat, I’m always around!

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