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The F2P community is astronomically immense in Old School RuneScape, and there is a F2P runners community Discord, which is mostly popular for runecrafters, and running tiaras and body talismans. Depending on how expeditious you are with running, you can make up to 6M+ gold an hour, which I believe is more an hour than Vorkath and Zulrah, and you only need a skull sceptre and level 31 in Magic for the Lumbridge teleport. If you search up on Google 'F2P Runners' or 'F2P Runners W385', a Reddit post should be found containing more information regarding this, or you should find their Discord server invitation link.



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I don't know what your stats are, but here are a few relatively chill decent money making methods:

Casting Tan Leather: ~1M / hr

Making various unfinished potions: ~300-600K / hr

Creating Barrows Tablets: ~400K / hr

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Alchables. That's a good way to start making money while you do more research. 

I'd suggest buying gold bracelets, or Black 2H and alch them you'll profit 100-350gp each one. 
I play osrs a lot so i can give you 1M to start your money making process just pm me brother 🙂

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