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Implementing RuneLite on your client


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Download the packaged zip found at: https://mega.nz/file/jNIFiCLR#OdcnZ-z4QMXOnp1Gjkur4wHgS66z74YENGqRlIBOCzA, import project into intellij(this is a gradle project) place your client package in src/main/ then refactor it into src/main/java(this will sort your imports ect out), once this is done you're ready to follow:


First head too ClientLoader.java and find the following code:

	private static Applet loadVanilla() throws IOException, ClassNotFoundException, InstantiationException, IllegalAccessException {
		Class<Client> clientClass = Client.class;
		return ClientLoader.loadFromClass(clientClass);

Replace Client.class with your normal clients Client.java


Now head too Client.java(your clients version) and implement the file as follows:

public class Client extends GameApplet implements net.runelite.api.Client {

and import all the required methods, once this has loaded place the following anywhere in the file:

private Hooks callbacks;

then replace the newly imported method found in the file so it looks like this:

    private Hooks callbacks;

    public Callbacks getCallbacks() {
        return callbacks;


Now you can post events for runelite to use using 



Now run using RuneLite.java


You will need to implement runelite hooks yourself to make use of events, I can do this for you, thread will be updated with link regarding that.


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