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Errors and Suggestions


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I could not find a more suitable place for this, so it can go here for the meantime. 


  • First word in the Announcement section's description is a typo - "Pleaes" > "Please"
  • Second word in the Support section's description is a typo - "complains" > "complaints"  
  • Second word in the Project sub-section, under the main RS 503+ section is a typo - "an" > "a"
  • A plethora of sections and their descriptions - "Runescape" > "RuneScape"
  • Member Setup has the Developer rank, which shows when he is online, but does not show in the who was online widget
  • Copyright year needs to be changed from 2020 to 2021 


  • Suggestions and feedback should be something that is public and more recognizable 
    - Members should have the ability to have their voices be heard by the whole community and not just the RuneList team
    - Members should have the ability to have their own say on a suggestion submitted by another member
    - Members should have the ability to submit feedback and for the public to view
  • Add sub-sections to the main Chat section, otherwise it will later become cluttered. Examples being; Sports, Old School RuneScape, Other Games, etc. 
  • Make threads in the Introductions section automatically close after 72 hours (3 days). This is to decrease the amount of low quality posts or repetitive posts after the author of an introduction has been formally welcomed to RuneList
  • Swap the Spam and Media sections around
  • Add Anime and Music as sub-sections to the main Media section
  • Give members with PRO and PRO+ the ability to close their own threads
  • Add a thread to the Knowledge Base section or page showcasing and giving informative details on forum awards/medals
  • Make RuneList's leaderboard public (the one that shows top posting members, top reputable members, popular content, etc.)
  • Add contact methods/social medias to members profile, which they can add their Discord, Twitter, Steam, PSN, etc. by choice
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Thank you so much for your feedback and pointing out these errors, Sean. Our team will surely correct these errors ASAP and carefully consider your suggestions.

We previously had more (sub-)sections, but reduced the categories for the time being in order to consolidate activity. We are hoping to keep RuneList more on-topic with specifically RSPS, so we chose to not include categories like Sports, Other Games, and even OSRS. Perhaps now that forum activity is rising we can look towards expanding our categories. 🙂 

Definitely going to see if we can do something about auto-locking Introductions after a few days. No sense in gravedigging intro threads! 

Your other ideas regarding PRO & PRO+ perks, knowledge base, leaderboard, & contact methods are equally as great as well.

The RuneList team loves to hear feedback and truly appreciate those who are involved in the progression of our community and RSPS as a whole. With that said, we will absolutely explore new ways all members of the community can more easily make suggestions & be heard by everyone.

Again, we thank you for taking the time to find & offer ways to improve RuneList. 


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