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Osrs Giveaway #1


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Welcome Ladies and Gent to the first Osrs Giveaway on Runelist
We are happy to have you and I myself am pleased to be giving back.
To enter is easy, to win takes luck.

First if you're new here make sure to post your introduction Here
We love to get to know the members of the community. Now let's get into the juicy stuff.
How you enter, and what we are giving away! Rules are below make sure you follow to lock in your entry.

Rule #1 - Runescape Private Servers can not be used for this giveaway.

Rule #2 - You can only use cosmetic items in Osrs.

Rule #3 - Once you enter your picture you can not replace so pick wisely.


How to enter
All you have to do is get on Oldschool Runescape and find the goofiest outfit you can!
Take a picture of the outfit (not the entire application) and post it below with your RSN included.
Remember it's based on being goofy so mismatch and be creative! 🙂Once everyone has entered
and the giveaway ends the staff team will review the images and help choose who has won! There
are 3 prizes shown below. Goodluck 


1st- Justiciar Amour Set or 30M

2nd- 30 days Membership or 10M

3rd- Osrs Bond or 5M

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On 5/9/2021 at 10:05 PM, Chanston said:

So awesome of you to host a giveaway for the community, Nima! When does this giveaway end? 

Given the amount of activity it will take some time for the thread to get enough comments to end. So I’d say based off that once we get 10 comments minimum we can begin to end it and choose winners. 

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