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.gitignore - how to use


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I've recently been messaged a lot, as people have added things to their .gitignore file however changes are still picking up, this is because you need to remove files to match from the git cache


I will be showing you how to do this using GitHub Desktop


First find your repo, click 'Repository' at the top then select the option 'Open in Command Prompt'


If you get a notice to install git, do that and restart your pc before carrying on


write in the following command, replacing *.bin with your file


git rm -r --cached *.bin



If you see some files pop up, it worked and you'll see them as removed files on to commit. DONT PANIC, THESE FILES WILL STILL REMAIN ON YOUR LOCAL MACHINE


If you see the following message:

fatal: pathspec '*.bin' did not match any files


You have no pushes containing the file/file type, and the file will be ignored like normal.


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