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Help Section Rules


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This section is specifically dedicated towards helping members who are facing issues with OSRS Runescape Private Servers. Down below you will find rules on what a topic should contain, and what you are not allowed to do as a member of the community. Please read them from top to bottom to avoid potential punishments. 

When creating a topic in the help section, please ensure do the following in advance;

  • Search: Make a quick google search on the issue you are facing. Others may have had the same issue and may have been given a solution
  • Accuracy: Include as much information as possible about what it is you need help with. This includes but is not limited to;
    • Server base, revision & client
    • Source of the issue, any information of it and information on replication
    • Screenshots or files of the aforementioned issue

Please keep in mind that if the topic has not gotten any replies then it does not mean that members of RuneList are not willing to help. It could simply be due to the lack of solutions. Make sure you do not spam or repeatedly ask for help from other members. The best you can do is bump the topic every 24/48h and await a response.

If a thread does not fit the section or if it does not contain enough information, it will be locked and/or moved to the correct section of the community. Community Rules apply to all sections. Please read them here.

Best Regards,

RuneList Sr. Moderator

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