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Toplist Revamp [3/10/2022]


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  Dear RuneList members,

In the last week(s) we've 'revamped' our toplist. We've changed a fair bit of the design to make it match with the rest of the platform. The revamp also comes with a more mobile-friendly design. With the general revamp, here's a list of other changes too:

  • The entry now shows a short description (up to 180 characters). *
  • The 'tags' are now also displayed on the entry.
  • Below the rank number (Eg. #57) there is an icon that corresponds to the category of the server.
  • The ability to set a category for the entry (Custom, PvP, Economy). *
  • You can now filter the Toplist by category.
  • Ability to set a 'custom URL', which is better for SEO. *
  • On the sidebar, the five newest servers are displayed.

* Server owners/managers, make sure to edit this information in the server settings.


Example of the new Toplist entry.



More information about the toplist can be found here:






Toplist Update Media










Best Regards,

RuneList Manager

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