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Rules & Regulations of RuneList


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In order to support an active and healthy environment on Runelist we suggest you follow the community rules. Keep in mind that these rules may change over time. Therefore we advise you to look back every once in a while. The team of Runelist preserve all rights towards the suspensions or removal of your account. To avoid this, please carefully read through the regulations from top to bottom.

5 Guidelines to follow;

  1. Stay on topic
  2. Be civil
  3. Avoid spam
  4. Respect privacy
  5. Encourage positivity

1. Language

Runelist is a multicultural community. It is vital that every member feels safe and secure while browsing through our website. Therefore, it is not permitted to post content that contains racial slurs, political, sexual or religious attacks, virtual and real life threats, harassment or otherwise harmful language. There is no acceptance for this type of behaviour. 

Applies to both public and private conversations with the use of Runelist as a medium. 


2. Marketing

When marketing, members may only create one topic for each game, brand or project. Bumping may only occur every 48h (24h for runegold/partner). In addition, all community rules apply to marketing. They must also follow the specific section rules and regulations.


3. Trading & Leaking

While purchasing or selling products, services and brands inside the boundaries of Runelist you are not allowed to scam or attempt to manipulate other users. By failing to comply, a market ban will be given in order to stop users from browsing and posting in the market section. Leaking is looked down upon. Leakage of a product, service or brand leads to forum blocks which fully disables access to the Runelist forum. In order to avoid the aforementioned issues it is highly advised to only trade with reputable members of the community, or to use a reputable member as a middle man.  The recommended payming method is PayPal. Any trades done outside of Runelist are done with the responsabilities of both the buyer and the seller.


4. Spam

Comments, questions and contributions should be relevant to the topic being discussed. Thread and posts should be written in their respective sections. Prime examples of spam that should be avoided includes, but is not limited to;

  • Comments not relevant to the topic
  • Overwhelming sections through commenting same or similar messages multiple times
  • Gravedigging, which is the act of commenting on a topic that has a post older than one month
  • Members are permitted to comment on topics that have been unlocked after a long period of being locked
  • Misleading or malicious links
  • One to three word posting
  • Posting comments that make no sense or aren't relevant (E.g. 'Hue', 'kek', 'dsdasd')
  • Pornography, gore, abuse, erotica, etc

5. Personal Information

All personal information related to your profile and account on Runelist must follow the remaining rules. This includes avatars, signatures and projects.


 6. Privacy

Sharing or distributing private information of any user apart from yourself is not permitted. The only situation in which one is allowed to share private information of another user is if the said user agrees and provides the team of Runelist with information of this action. This includes but is not limited to name, email, phone number, birth of date, adress, financial, religious, sexual, educational information and passwords.


 7. Backseat Moderation & Impersonation

Members of the Runelist community are not allowed to impersonate other members of the community. Serious attempts of doing so will result in a full forum block. In addition, backseat moderation is not allowed. If members of the community are found to break any type of rule, they are to be reported to the team of Runelist. Any type of backseat moderation will reflect a negative view on the community which is to be avoided. Punishments in regards to backseat moderation are given based on the severity of the situation.


8. Malicious Software

Any type of distribution or attempts to enforce malicious content upon other users will be met with a termination of access to the Runelist community. Encouraging others to participate in malicious activities will also lead to the same punishment.


9. Impersonation

Attempts to impersonate any member of the Runelist community is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to creating similar usernames, copying or simulating the behaviour of a person and claiming that you are a false owner of a product, brand, serice or game. Any type of impersonation will lead to a full block from the Runelist community.


10. Other rules

Some catagories have different rules, here's a list of catagorie specific rules;
NOTE: advertisements, projects, help, tutorials, snippets, configurations and the downloads rules are used for either OSRS, RS2, 503+ or 742+.

Best Regards,

RuneList Sr. Moderator

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