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Showcase Section Rules


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This section is specifically dedicated towards showcases to the community of RuneList. Down below you will find guidelines on things to follow and what to avoid. Please read them from top to bottom to avoid potential punishments.

  • Feedback: When giving feedback to someone that is showing a piece, try not to be too judgemental. You may be better or you may be worse, but the person that is showcasing their latest creation have put hard work and effort into it, so please respect that.
  • Be Informative: As you are creating the topic, make sure that you inform the public on what is going on. Is it a WIP? Is it finished? How long did you work on it?
  • Be Grateful: If someone has gone out of their way to spend time on giving you feedback, you shouldn't be bashing on them for giving feedback that you did not expect. Accept it, or ask them to elaborate their thoughts. No need to fight.
  • Two Stars & One Wish: Two stars, one wish is a great system for giving feedback is to give two positive comments, and one for improval. See the example below.
    • "You have a very good depth in your signature, and very strong coloring which brings out the main render/character. However, you should work a little on the small details to make it all stand out." - SilverNova

If a thread does not fit the section or if it does not contain any of the aforementioned points, it will be locked and/or moved to the correct section of the community. Community Rules apply to all sections. Please read them here.

Best Regards,

RuneList Sr. Moderator

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