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Spam Section Rules


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This section is specifically dedicated towards spam of the community of RuneList. Down below you will find rules on what a topic must contain, and what you are not allowed to do as a member of the community. Please read them from top to bottom to avoid potential punishments.

You are not allowed to do the following;

  • Ask or create content intended to raise or decrease yours or another members reputation
  • Revive ancient topics that have posts older than 3 months
  • Create topics that contain less than 3 to 5 characters
  • Start discussions involving community drama
  • Make topics that could be placed in other categories or sections of the forum
  • Include any type of media or any type of information about members of the community without their approval

If a thread does not fit the section or if it does not contain any of the aforementioned points, it will be locked and/or moved to the correct section of the community. Community Rules apply to all sections. Please read them here.

Best Regards,

RuneList Sr. Moderator

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