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Sythium || Spawn Pk || Custom Pking


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Greetings Adventurer! On behalf of the Development team, We're glad you have taken the time to view our thread. Sythium is a server that me and a friend started about 2 months ago but then I had family issues and had to disapear for a bit but me and my developer are back in action!

We do not plan to release the server for another 2-3 weeks or so as the development is still going on and want to make it good before releasing to public, however we do plan on having a public beta starting this week so stay tuned and be sure to follow our project to find out the latest updates.

Our main objective of Sythium will be an instant pvp experience with flawless switches and content to keep the wilderness fun and exciting, and of course with a little mix of customs to make it more exciting! There will be world bosses, wilderness slayer, and mini bosses all through out the wilderness to keep all of you busy!



-Yoshi Pet, Alien pet, Death pet, Genie pet, and fairy added.
-Blood Perk Tree Written From Scratch
-Blood weapons like Blood whip, Blood Rune c'bow, Blood staff, Blood cape, and a few others.
-Added Twisted Bow passive effect
-Added Dragon Space, Zamorakian Hasta/Spear Special effect
-Added light/heavy ballista special effect
-Added Dinh's Bulwark proper stances and defensive effect
-Added Scythe of Vitur proper attack animation/graphic
-Runes Pouch added (fully functional)
-Auto casting for surge spells added
-Tome of Fire (fire spell damage boost/ burnt page adding / removing) added
-Dwarven Rock cake added
-Anglerfish food item added
-Added item on item usage for 14+ items
-Added battle-mage, bastion, super combat potion, and anti-venom potion
-Added venom effect of serpentine helmet(1/6 chance of procing effect in combat)
-Added elite void outfit grants +35% damage boost to all 3 attack styles
and +12.5% accuracy bonus
-Donators will have access to 5 new skin colors
(Blue, Indigo, Gold, Lava orange, Purple)

Updates 11/3/2020

-Fixed Tree textures.

-Rewrote the agility skill

-teleport interface, with previous teleport system.

-fully working revenant caves, with agility reqs for escapes.

-Fixed a items lost on death bug

-Fixed some other minor bugs

-Fully Working grand exchange system












admin.gifSkwishy - Client & Server Development
admin.gifPermd - Server development & Server Management
admin.gifDeath - Community Manager



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