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Recent Updates


In-game in-tab full Wiki

We have added the ability to browse our entire Wiki from in-game!
Look up item stats, G/E offers, Drop tables, the Bestiary & more from a dedicated tab.



Bank Overhaul

We overhauled our banking interface with the ability to store up to 800 items.
As well as added more functionality to withdrawing/depositing & more.



Referral System

We also recently adjusted our Referral System to be more beneficial.
With this widget you can share your referral link with friends to earn points
from every milestone they achieve! Points are rewarded as seen below:

You will earn referral points every 100 levels earned.

Easy Mode players reward 20 points.
Regular players reward 100 points.
Legend players reward 500 points.

The points you earned can be spent in-game via the Referral's Shop.



Armadyl Runecrafting & Slayer Unlockable

Armadyl Runecrafting is now available!
Grind (via Pestle & Mortar) Shards of Armadyl into Dust of Armadyl.
Grab some pure essence & head to the Air Altar. Craft-rune on the Altar and done!

A new Slayer Unlockable feature is now available.
You can now learn a new ability via the Slayer Master!
Increase your cannon capacity to 100 cannonballs for 1000 points.



Bug Fixes, Changes & Adjustments

Bosses now re-spawn with correct stats after being hit with DWH and BGS
Max cape now acts as an Ava's Accumulator
Toadflax and snapdragon seeds are now in the Ironman crystal chest
Zulrah's magic defense have been reduced from 300 to 250.
You can now pray against Tormented Demons
Gold deposit can now be mined by Ironmen
Changed the healer at home so when you click on it, it won't bring up the buy a skill cape interface
Fixed deposit X amount on betting interface
Made Steel Titan special move bar and attack messages filtered
Made Superiors in Slayer tasks more common
Magic Seceteurs now give a 20% better chance yield while equipping
Nomad and KQ have been removed from Dominion Tower.
Nomad, Blink, Venenatis, Glacors and Nex are now boss tasks
Zulrah items are now fixed (No longer break when checking items kept on death interface)
Cerberus ghosts bug fixed (Don't null once Cerberus is dead)
Summoning Orb left-click bug fixed
Hunter Portal now takes you to Edgeville home
You can now set a Bank Pin at any Banker
Zulrah now respawns without having to teleport out/home
Kraken's attack has been reduced
Kraken whirlpool bug has been fixed
Wiki interface for Clue Scrolls now scroll-able
Zenyte drop rates at Demonic Gorilla's reduced from 1/800-ish to 1/500-ish
(That's nearly a 40% increase in the drop rate for Zenyte's)
Removed the 'null' reward from Squeal of Fortune
Infinity boots & gloves added to Internal Mages drop table
Red sandstone added to Skilling Area
Fixed item drops/bolts not stacking for Ironmen
Healer at home now restores Special Attack
Aviansies now have a death & attack animation
Change the "lit candles" in the Construction shop to "unlit"
Hill Giants now have a level 1 Slayer Requirements, instead of 10
Cannot use Agility Tickets while in the Wilderness
Withdrawing needles from bank has been fixed
Zulrah Scales Teleporting bug has been fixed
Cavalier & Mask bug has been fixed on old item looks
Smithing Bronze Bolts (unf) has been fixed
Cerberus Slayer level requirement has been fixed (now 91)
Bloodvelds at Catacombs attack style has been fixed
Forlorn Hatchet & Pickaxe has been fixed
Vorkath fireball attack damage is now capped at 990
Brine Saber attack has been fixed
Donor Zone Minerals rock that was unreachable has been fixed
Knowledge base link on interface when going to the Wilderness has been fixed
Obsidian cape price bug (Tokkul shop) has been fixed
Unlimited arrows & bolts for Silver Patron bug has been fixed
Ignore list now blocks yells
Black/white screening when house owner leaves has been fixed
POH Portal now defaults to Home instead of Rimmington
Ground items now display quantity
You can now also set a minimum value for ground item names
Using bones on Altars has been adjusted
Lighting burners now works as intended in POH
Burners time lasting is based off your Firemaking level, like RS

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Thread has been updated with all new graphics to properly display the best & up-to-date features of Ely. Laid out in an easier way to quickly grasp all Ely has to offer without reading 50+ lines of plain text!

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Welcome to the Ely King of The Skill Competition!


*This is the announcement of the Competition, the starting date is below :)*

You will be able to take part in a competition where the most efficient and knowledgeable skillers will come out on top! This is not about how much time you can spend playing Ely, but how good you are at playing it! 

This event is made for everyone who enjoys the act of skilling with a huge competitive aspect. In order to compete in this one, you’ll need to create a new Competition account, which will be a preset Legend Ironman Account. From there, we will be tracking the progress via the Hiscores (insert link to new comp hs) and will have a similar Hiscores graphic posted on this thread below showcasing the top 3 players. You will have 48 hours of Playtime, 14 FULL days to get as high total level as you can in however fashion you fancy. Once your 48 hours of Playtime is up, you will be kicked from the account and your hiscore will be secured. May the BEST skiller win!


STARTING DATE = 01/10/2022








Click here to join our Discord, or click here to visit our website.

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