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RSPS Toplist Server Listing


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The Toplist Server Listing works as follows. A user of RuneList sees the rank of the server, the name of the server and the server banner. The user also sees a link to the discord of the server. The user can click on 'info' for more information about the server. The user also can see how many votes the server has this month. Server votes are reset at the end of the month. All votes are real votes and cannot be bought.


RuneList's RSPS Toplist has 3 tiers of server listings:

Tier 1: Regular Server Listing
Free to use for everyone.


Tier 2: Highlighted Server Listing
Stand out with a nice highlighted border.
Requires PRO+ Membership.


Tier 3: Sponsored Server Listing
The Server Listing will always be on top display, only one sold.
Can be purchased from the store.







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RuneList Manager

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