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Etherum - 5M OSRS every 24 hours!



Etherum is the most advanced RSPS, you can easily see that by checking our Features!


Join EtherumPS now!

Here you can get 5M OSRS every 24 hours of game play!
You can automatically redeem your OSRS Gold at RuneScape!
We provide real Texas Hold'em with OSRS tables support!

Etherum is one of the longest living RSPS, we provide all the kind of content that you can imagine! However with the best quality of all RSPS!


- OSRS Trading allowed
- 5M OSRS every 24 hours
- Automatic OSRS redeeming on RS
- Over 100M rewarded weekly on Tourneys & Drop Party
- 4M OSRS PK tournament on daily basis!

- Safe gambling! We have created gambling on RSPS scene! You can bet that our systems are really advanced!

- CoX | ToB
- Player Owned Shop - The best PoS you can find!
- Nex | Inferno | Nightmare | Zulrah | Vorkath | Bork | Wildywyrm

- Player's self hosted HP Events | PK Tournament | Skill Events & more!
- Perfect Slayer System | Duo Slayer

Play Now!