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 Hot PvP Server (w/ RuneLite & Ironman Mode) Welcome to Reign, a PvP focused server, made for ALL player types. Our goal is to reignite the very stale current state of RSPS's and reimagine what a truly unique PvP RSPS should offer. Not a PvP'er? Don't worry, you still play an important role in the success of the server! Keep reading below to see what we have to offer, and how every player fits into our community!




Our wilderness expansion update is live! This expansion brings brand new unique content to the original wilderness experience. With a variety of activities for skilling, pvmers and pker's alike. The expansion will surely be a worthwhile hotspot for all!!




:pkskull: ARENAS ARE HERE! :pkskull:
I'm super happy to announce that 1v1 Unrated Arenas are finally fully able to be played and tested! 1v1 Rated Arenas will be finished soon. Rated/Unrated 2v2 will most likely be coming after launch.

To enter a 1v1 Unrated Arena:  Speak to the Arena Master inside of the PvP Hall at home (building directly south of the GE)  Select "I want to enter an Arena/Battleground"  Choose "Arenas" category and then hit "Enter Queue" under Arena 1v1 to join!  As soon as somebody else joins the queue, your Arena will begin and you will have 30 seconds to prep before the fight starts!


🔹️ Features  🔹

- PvP Arena w/Ratings (1v1/2v2/10v10) - Daily Wilderness Activities -Instant Pking with Quick Gear (spawning) - Hold the Fort / Capture the Flag - Achievements - Fully Functional Skills - Chambers of Xeric - The Nightmare - Vorkath - Fragment of Seren - The Inferno - Zalcano, Wintertodt & Motherload Mine - Last Man Standing - Item Enchantment System - Full Runelite Integration ...more. See for yourself!