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Janus - Free Advanced Mini-Me!

Janus debuted in 2020. Since then, we've made some insane improvements!

70% of the source code has been re-written into Kotlin, preparing Ruse for the future.

We strongly believe in staying loyal to the OSRS style of gameplay, however, we are famous in the scene for adding injecting that 'custom' feeling!

Janus will never have gimmicks such as Pokemon - But we will create content that leechers can only dream of.

We take quality to another level. If you're bored of the same old experience, try us out!

Our Mini-Me system replicates a real player as your pet... Bend him to your will and train him using our hand-made skilling interface. You can even watch him train!

Once you've levelled your companion, you can even trade him for resources such as logs, ores and runes.

You've never played a server like Janus, we guarantee it.

We are dedicated to our players enjoyment - If you want to melt down your unwanted weapons and armour for smithing XP and metal bars - Who are we to stop you?!

You'll be able to smith Torva, 3rd Aged, Barrows, Armadyl and Dragon armour with genuine bars!

Janus also has a skill cap of 120 - But - We didn't just increase the number... We've invested in genuine content, adding custom bows, logs, hatchets and trees, adding genuine expansions to the OSRS skilling system.