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This is the perfect server to enjoy a fast start and an excellent 1 to 1 OSRS experience. Owned by the reputable previous owner of Matrix RSPS, Luke.

Noticeable features All OSRS content, such as raids 1, 2 and the nightmare.

Fight up to 50 mechanical and fun bosses.

Challenge mode on most PVM content for the more expert click-intensive users All skills and Dungeoneering working.

Refreshed upgrade system including new upgrade fragment chests and 3 tiers of keys obtainable from as little as slayer progression, all the way to raids 1 and 2.

Fun minigames such as Pest control, inferno and TzHaar Fight Cave with a fun element of pking such as last man standing or spawn pk zone.

An active and caring community that cares about you having the best experience Upgradable system to allow you to get ultimate gears from pvming content.

All clues scrolls to bring you a great experience.

All game modes including Expert, HCIM, Ironman, Duo Ironman, Ultimate Ironman and Deadman.

Join now for a free box by pming Luke in-game!