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Hey 👋 I wanted to talk about the pro+ membership rank. I know it’s priced for 24.99/month but I would like to know what kind additions that rank has. I also wanted to suggest some ideas for it so it can be added to the pro+


️Website Link on player profile not tread view. 

️Has 1 ad added to a new 8 different rotating footer advertisement. These are small banners the height is 10px so in total it takes up 80px of footer. 

️ Are able to create groups


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Thanks for your suggestions! We will look at the possibilities. 
PRO+ currently offers a highlighted spot on the toplist to stand out a bit more. You can also get a free custom animated banner made by one of our designers (once every 3 months of membership). There are some more "smaller" benefits, which can also be viewed here (scoll down and click the spoiler)

PRO+ members can have/give:
- 10 reputation per day (5 for PRO, 3 for regular members)
- Ability to bump their own forum thread once per 12 hours (1/24h for PRO, 1/48 for regular members)
- Ability to bump their own marketplace store once per 24 hours (1/48h for PRO, regular members can't bump up their store)
- Permission to upload a animated profile picture
- Ability to use external emoji on discord

We're always open for suggestions on more benefits, so i'll take your suggestions seriously. 🙂 

2 hours ago, Vampyre said:

Are able to create groups

What do you mean with groups? And whats the benefit of creating group?


2 hours ago, Vampyre said:

Website Link on player profile not tread view. 

A website link displayed where exactly?

Thanks once again.

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Best Regards,

RuneList Manager

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