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Divine Reputation System


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Divine Reputation System

This is a "concept"/"suggestions" for RSPS that includes Content and Donator Benefits. You can feel free to add it, whether it is certain parts or all of it. For example, if you only like the rewards then you can add them to the donator benefits. If you only like certain gods, you can pick out a few (E.g. Guthix, Zamorak, Saradomin). This was just something I came up with on my free time and decided to share with the rest of the community in case anyone felt like coding these ideas.

There are seven faction representatives. Players can align themselves with a faction in order to complete tasks and gain rewards. These factions are: Guthix, Saradomin, Zamorak, Bandos, Armadyl, Zaros & Seren. Each faction has a passive method of obtaining Divine Reputation and an active method. Passive methods give less Divine Reputation but are easier to perform. Active methods are harder but grant more Divine Reputation. Up to 10K (1 tier/2500) rep, after which you can spend all points to get 1 tier permanently unlocked so u can do other factions. You can only be aligned to one faction at a time. However, donators that have prestiged four times will permanently gain all unlocks and are then capable of choosing another faction while keeping benefits from the first one. This goes on per tier, so T1 donators have 2 gods, T2 have 3 gods, T3 have 4 gods, etc.



Passive: Harvesting & Cleansing Herbs grants 2 Divine Reputation


  • Cleanse Entrana from the Tree Spirit (300)
  • Harvest a pair of Wildbloods at Entrana (250)
  • Craft 200 Law runes (100)
  • Kill the Entrana Firebird (150)
  • Get 99 Herblore (500)
  • Die (50)
  • Obtain the Guthix Staff and Guthix Cape (350)
  • Equip a full set of Void gear (400)
  • Cook a Guthix rest (150)
  • Sacrifice 10 herbs to the Taverly stone circle (250)



Passive: Burying or sacrificing bones grants 1 Divine Reputation per tier


  • Kill Giant Mole (100)
  • Mine Amethyst (175)
  • Swap Gender (50)
  • Complete a full run of the Hallowed Sepulchre (750)
  • Get 99 Prayer (500)
  • Restore prayer at an altar (25)
  • Obtain the Saradomin Staff and Saradomin Cape (350)
  • Drink a Saradomin Brew (250)
  • Kill K'ril Tsutsaroth (250)
  • Speak to Wise Old Man about Saradomin (50)



Passive: Killing an NPC with Range grants 1 Divine Reputation


  • Place the Multicannon (200)
  • Enter the Ranging Guild (50)
  • Do the Flap emote (50)
  • Equip a set of Armadyl (750)
  • Get 99 Range (500)
  • Pass a shortcut (25)
  • Obtain Craw's Bow (350)
  • Drink a Ranging potion
  • (250) Kill General Graador (250)
  • Drain all your run energy (50)



Passive: Killing an NPC with Melee grants 1 Divine Reputation


  • Obtain the Dragon Defender (200)
  • Enter the Warriors' Guild (50)
  • Do the Goblin Salute (50)
  • Equip a set of Bandos (750)
  • Get 99 Strength (500)
  • Speak to Genearl Bentnoze or Wartface (25)
  • Equip a pair of Guardian Boots (350)
  • Drink an Overload (250)
  • Kill Kree'arra (250)
  • Speak to Chief Tess about Bandos (50)



Passive: Killing an NPC in the Wilderness grants 2 Divine Reputation. Bosses grant 3.


  • Enter the Abyss (200)
  • Enter the Black Knights' Fortress (50)
  • Speak to the Sisterhood (50)
  • Equp the Staff of the Dead (750)
  • Get 99 Hitpoints (500)
  • Drink a Wine of Zamorak (25)
  • Obtain the Zamorak Staff and Zamorak Cape (350)
  • Create a Zamorakian Brew (250)
  • Kill Commander Zilyana (250)
  • Drain all your run energy (50)



Passive: Obtaining any skilling resource, e.g. fish, log, ore grants 1 Divine Reputation


  • Defeat Zalcano (200)
  • Climb to the Tower of Voices (50)
  • Enter the Iowerth Dungeon (50)
  • Pass the Corrupted Gauntlet (750)
  • Equip a full set of crystal armor (500)
  • Enter the PoH in Prifddinas (50)
  • Run a lap of the Prifddinas Agility Course (350)
  • Pickpocket Earwen (250)
  • Cut a Magic tree in Prifddinas (250)
  • Charter from Prifddinas (50)



Passive: Killing an NPC with Magic grants 1 Divine Reputation


  • Cast Smoke Rush (200)
  • Climb down the Dig Site (50)
  • Speak to Azzandra about Zaros (75)
  • Wear a full set of Robes of Darkness (750)
  • Get 99 Magic (750)
  • Pray at the altar in Ferox Enclave (25)
  • Kill K'ril Tsutsaroth (350)
  • Wear an Ancient Staff (250)
  • Speak to Death about Zaros (50)



Guthix: 3% Chance to make (4) potions instead of (3), 5% Chance to harvest clean herbs, Small chance to keep seed when planting, etc.

Saradomin: Praying at any altar gives extra 50 points (1040/990), Burying bones has a 2% to give 5-25 prayer points, etc.

Armadyl: Run energy restores faster, you always have -3 kg weight, less chance of failing shortcuts, small chance to fire twice when using range (not in pvp), etc.

Bandos: Small chance to instantly kill an NPC when they reach less than 10% health, torag's hammers strike twice but deal 40% less damage, smith without a hammer, etc.

Zamorak: Ability to teleport from level 25 Wilderness (35 w/Glory), Charging glories makes them (6) instead of (4), ability to choose Wilderness obelisk teleport location, etc.

Seren: 5% Chance to obtain additional skilling resources when gathering, thieving grants 10% more gold, prifddinas prices reduced by 15%, etc.

Zaros: Chance to not use any runes when casting spells, alchemy spells grant more gold, small chance to fire twice when using magic (not in pvp), etc.


PS: Completionists cape (if there is to be one) will have a requirement to reach max prestige amongst all factions.

Best Regards,

RuneList Sr. Moderator

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15 hours ago, Nes said:

Hhhm, best leuk idee. Ik zou het graag live in een game willen zien om het echt te bekijken.

I agree 😄 

Best Regards,

RuneList Manager

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