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RuneList RSPS Launcher


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Table of contents

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  2. Features
  3. Media
  4. Words from Development
  5. Updates
  6. Development stages



About a month ago our team decided to embark upon a new concept to the RSPS community. What we realized is… Never in existence has there been one single source where players can safely & easily download & play RSPS. For far too long, players have been forced to scour forum threads & toplists to find the latest servers. Once you find a server you think you might like you still have to track down the download. If you don’t like that server, then you have to worry about deleting all of the files & pray there are no viruses left behind. Our goal at RuneList is to provide an ever-evolving platform where the RSPS community can come together over everything RSPS. So we decided it’s time to take things to the next level. After weeks of development we are proud to present: 



RuneList RSPS Launcher 

The first fully functional & secure Runescape Private Server launcher consistently updated with the top RSPS available to easily download & play, all in one place.


The RuneList RSPS Launcher contains a variety of reatures that will help take your RSPS experience to the next level. We are constantly working to release new, unique, and useful features that will continue to make the launcher even better.

1. Server list/grid

Discover the latest RSPS to play by viewing the server list - available in two viewing modes: List & Grid.  


2. Featured servers

Stand out among other servers by featuring your RSPS on a carousel slider conveniently located on the homepage of the launcher.


3. Live player count

Easily monitor the number of players in every server to find the perfect size of RSPS for you.


4. Filter system

Seamlessly explore the server list to narrow your results to the RSPS version you desire.


5. Theme customization

RSPS Launcher offers users the choice between light and dark theme modes to suit your style. 


6. Settings

Quickly change your desired settings for pop-up notifications, theme, language, load-up on launch, & more. 


7. Virus protection

Reduce the chances of viruses with a protective system that constantly scans all server updates before they hit your computer. 


8. Auto-Updater

RSPS Launcher checks for server updates every 5 minutes to ensure you are always playing the most current version.


9. Notifications

Optionally receive notifications directly on your desktop to notify of server updates & other critical information. 


10. Favorite Servers

Easily save the servers you enjoy playing the most or would like to save for later. 


11. Language system

Choose between countless language options to suit your preferred means of communication. 




Server List with showing the Filters. 


Server Grid


Rightclick menu to (un)favorite, visit website and (un)install a server.



Notifications when a server has been (un)installed and updated



Favorite Servers, added to the homepage of the launcher



Live player count and tags like Custom, 317 or Pre-EOC.



Launcher will download updates and server information on startup



More media soon..




Words from Development

“About a month ago I was tasked with the development of the launcher. When I was brainstorming code bases and libraries, my first instinct was to go with the familiar Kotlin Swing. I've had years of experience with this.. and I know it's not very platform-dependent. I wrote a custom Text DSL and many backend systems, but the further I got into development, the more I realized I just wasn't happy with the speed performance, the look, and how messy the codebase was getting. I was doing the styles 'CSS' with JSON which is not ideal. I went to bed feeling defeated and very demotivated. Later on, when I was reading up on potentially using something like React… a lightBulb went off to use JavaFX. I quickly got out of bed and started the rough concept in JavaFX, then I showed the rest of the team. They loved the new look and direction! At this point, I knew I was sticking with this. I started to clean up the concept code and within a few days, I had it working (slowly). The next week was spent doing the back-end and a build tool that will automatically update and build the changelog with a click of the button. The biggest challenges by far have been optimization and making sure everything is fast and in sync with the other servers' clients and player counts.” 

- @ Mark



4/15/2021 - Closed Alpha Release

4/18/2021 - Information page

[date] - update name


As of right now, RuneList RSPS Launcher is currently in ALPHA stage. This means we are currently undergoing closed testing for staff & prestigious community members. BETA testing will be open soon, so if you are interested in participating please join our Discord Here - Once you join you must react to post in #announcements so you'll have access to #launcher-beta.



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Best Regards,

RuneList Manager

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This is insane. As an avid RSPS player it's a must to protect yourself from being targeted by servers that have wrong intentions. Using this client would be great to avoid downloading virusses. Along with protection the features that comes with this client are very useful aswell. Thanks RuneList! ❤️ 

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Awards / Achievements

Update 4/15/2021 Closed Alpha Released

▶︎ Finished the Launcher Download page (credits to Calum);
▶︎ Server List/Grid will now show servers in random order;
▶︎ Light mode has been added;
▶︎ Home (landing) page has been added;
▶︎ Started working on a login system, integrated with our forums;
▶︎ Started launcher information page development (credits to Calum).


Download Page (Website)



Server Grid Page (Randomized)



Light Mode Server Grid Page



Homepage (Landing Page) Design





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Best Regards,

RuneList Manager

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Update 4/18/2021 Information page

▶︎ Launcher information page completed (credits to Calum);
▶︎ Finished working login system;
▶︎ Started user achievement/task system development;
▶︎ Started Server API development.

Make sure to click "Launcher" on our navigation bar, to checkout the information page.





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Best Regards,

RuneList Manager

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